Lockdown has taken its toll on everyone, even more so on vulnerable members of our communities where hunger is a harsh reality and other basic needs aren’t being fulfilled.

With our Soft Landings initiatives, we hope to feed the hungry and touch the lives of those who are otherwise in desperate need of a helping hand in our community. Dedicated staff members and volunteers have continued to pack and deliver food to clinics, soup kitchens, children’s homes and public areas in George and surrounds. Since the start of lockdown, a total of 9,110 food packs with rice, soya, veggies and vitamins have been packed and distributed equating to about 54,660 meals, and a lot of full tummies. Yay!


The food packs were delivered to:

  • George Child and Family Welfare;
  • Kidstop;
  • Life Community Services;
  • Frank’s Soup Kitchen;
  • Grace Projects;
  • God Cares; and
  • Options Care Centre.


Our gold-hearted helpers in Springs packed an additional 1,440 food packs in just over a week’s time, which translate into approximately 8,640 meals. And with the support of African Independent Brokers, this amazing team also managed to pack a record-breaking 1,101 food packs a day during their Social Distancing Parking Lot Food drive! Go Team!


These food packs were delivered to:

  • Kwasa College;
  • Hope Hill Church;
  • Trinity Methodist Church;
  • The Potter’s Haven;
  • Geduld Methodist Church;
  • Selcourt Methodist Church;
  • Trinity Methodist Church; and
  • Vita Nova Counselling.


Another Soft Landings initiative include our support of Life Community Services by helping them out with food donations and by purchasing masks from them for all our employees. The masks are made and sold with the aim to support soup kitchens and food drives in the community. Life Community Services offer meals to over a thousand children and disabled individuals every day through donations and funds received from selling these beautiful masks.



We are sincerely grateful for our staff members and volunteers, as well as the charitable organisations in our communities, who so open-heartedly offer their time and commitment to initiatives that uplift, especially in these times. Thank you for taking a step to make life a little bit easier for our fellow man. May these efforts inspire and encourage even more acts of kindness to spread through our communities and country. Together we can make a difference! #WeReallyCare


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