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Is your pup a part of the family?

Then you’re our kinda pet parent. Our plans include accident, illness and/or wellness cover for all breeds subject to your pets’ age. We cover pets between the ages of 8 weeks and 20 years. The world’s best pet insurance made to order for the world’s best pet parents.

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Plans and Pricing

Thanks to our Name Your Price™ functionality, pet insurance is now officially affordable for all real pet lovers in SA. Choose a plan that suits your needs exactly- we’ve definitely got it.

Please Note: You will have no cover for the diagnosis and / or treatment of pre-existing conditions.

How pet insurance works, it’s real easy!

Get treatment

When your furry friend needs veterinary care, go to your trusted vet and ensure that your pet gets treatment.

Submit a claim

Send us your vet invoice and your completed claim form. You can do this all online in your management portal.

Get reimbursed, fast!

We normally pay you within 48 hours* of receiving all the necessary paperwork.

*T&Cs apply and reimbursement subject to submission of a valid claim

Multiple pet discount

Why not insure the entire pack? Save 15% on your total premium if
you add more than one pet to your policy!

Get 15% off

What makes us better?

#1 Rated insurance provider in SA

No waiting periods for accidents

Lightning fast claims payouts

Affordable options for any budget

Manage Portal

Managing your policy has never been easier with dotsure.co.za Manage Portal. You can update your details, add additional pets, submit a claim and so much more. All done entirely online! No more phone calls, no more paperwork.

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Officially South Africa’s best!

And the accolades just keep coming. With thousands of new 5-star reviews streaming in every month, dotsure.co.za is officially the #1 ranked insurance provider on Hellopeter.com* and has been for the whole of 2020. This didn’t happen by chance though. We know what our customers need, and we are simply the best at providing it! Always creating fans not policy holders.

Doing more for shelter pets

We believe that the way our society treats its most vulnerable members is the truest reflection of our character. We’ve teamed up with the AACL to give a voice to the voiceless and make a difference in the fight against animal cruelty. For every pet policy bought online, we will feed a shelter puppy in need for a month. With your help, we’ve made a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable animals.

Frequently asked questions

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