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This no-frills plan covers accidents and up to 50% of illness claims.

Accident cover
Partial Illness cover
Hereditary treatment
Wellness benefits
From R144pm
Exotic Plus

This premium plan provides cover for both accidents and illness.

Accident cover
Illness cover
Hereditary treatment
Wellness benefits
From R211pm
Common health issues
your bird may experience in their lifetime.


Candida is a common but rarely fatal disease that often requires antifungal medications.

Avian Pox

Spread through mosquitos, fleas, and mites, there is no cure although it can be managed with supportive care.

External Parasites

Parasites like ticks, lice, and bird mites can cause respiratory problems, anaemia, and other serious conditions.


This parasite is spread easily among infected birds and may require multiple rounds of treatment.


This fungal infection may require bloodwork, MRIs, and endoscopies, and treatment may take several months.

Proventricular Dilatation

Also known as Parrot Wasting Syndrome, this is a fatal disease, although quality of life can be maintained with treatment.

Screech was saved from a parasite, and his owner, Lionel, was saved from the R5,000 vet bill.

Excess buster off

What’s this?

Screech's vet bill

Vet bill



R500 paid


Lionel paid


*T&Cs apply. Subject to plan selection and reimbursement is subject to submission of a valid claim.


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