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This no-frills plan covers accidents and up to 50% of illness claims.

Accident cover
Partial Illness cover
Hereditary treatment
Wellness benefits
From R211pm
Exotic Plus

This premium plan provides cover for both accidents and illness.

Accident cover
Illness cover
Hereditary treatment
Wellness benefits
From R307pm
Common health issues
your reptile may experience in their lifetime.


Usually found in snakes and lizards, cryptosporidiosis is difficult to treat and requires immediate veterinary attention.


A common problem that occurs when a female can’t pass her eggs, it requires x-rays, blood tests, and sometimes surgery.

External Parasites

Ticks and mites can be found on all reptiles and can cause anaemia, septicaemia, and death.

Metabolic Bone Disease

This can affect all reptiles, but the symptoms respond well to veterinary intervention and support.

Shell Infections

Physical trauma can cause fractures that lead to infection but if this is brought to a vet’s attention, shells can often be repaired.


Roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms are spread easily and may require prescribed antibiotics.

Rango was saved from an ear infection, and his owner, Patrick, was saved from the R3,500 wallet infection.

Excess buster off

What’s this?

Rango's vet bill

Vet bill



R350 paid


Patrick paid


*T&Cs apply. Subject to plan selection and reimbursement is subject to submission of a valid claim.


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