Feeling the financial pinch? It doesn’t have to come at the cost of pet cover. No matter what your financial situation, we have ways for you to save while you protect your pets with flexible, compassionate options.


Here’s a full list of ways to save with dotsure.co.za pet cover from a brand that truly cares.


Save in so many ways with dotsure.co.za pet cover (a list)



You’re always in charge – only @dotsure.co.za

We offer Name Your Price™ to our customers. We’re the only company in South Africa to do so. You tell us how much you want to spend per month and we’ll tweak the options to suit your needs. Exclusive is awesome, right? (We do also have set packages at set prices if you prefer, of course. Just ask!)


Buy in bulk – get a bulky discount

We appreciate your commitment to your pet’s care and well-being, and we commit right back by helping you save upfront. Pay for 6 or 12 months pet cover in advance and we’ll give you a whopping TWO MONTHS FREE cover. Yes, we cover your premium charges for two months.


More pets = cheaper premium

Less is more , yes! We are fans of families of animals, so if you cover more than one pet, we give you 15% off your monthly premium for all of them.


Pet insurance as flexible as a “down dog

Tough month? Bought a new home cinema and need to scale back your spending for a few months? The dogs don’t have to pay, too! You can change your pet cover package to suit your pocket on a month-to-month basis. So if you’ve maxed out the credit card over the holidays, or you bought your bae an anniversary gift that broke the bank,  but you still want Snuffles to be protected, you are still in charge. You can alter your cover with a quick call or email to us, and the next billed premium will reflect this updated amount.


Accident cover, immediately.

Depending on the kinds of cover you choose, when you first start cover with us, a waiting period of a month or more may apply (e.g. with chronic medication). This means you cannot claim on the excluded aspect until the stipulated time has passed. We know that kitties, guppies, lizards and the like can get into trouble at any time, so we don’t include accidents in the wait period. We cover them for accidents from the moment your policy is activated.


Well, well, how superior!

Wellness benefits in the superior plan ARE 100% FREE. It’s just our way of saying well done for giving your pets the best pet cover in the country.


Send to a friend 

You have lots of pet-loving friends and family, right? Do they know how much they can save on pet medical care with pet cover? Do you know that we have paw-some rewards for existing customers who make such re-fur-rals? Our refer-a-friend programme is the best way to save in one go. If you refer someone to dotsure.co.za and they take out a policy,  both you and they get a 50% discount off the next premium, regardless of the premium or plan. You can do it more than once with different people, so think about which of your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, service providers, psychologist, doctor, et cetera might like to know and let US know. And then let them that they can do the same, and save big time, too. It’s part of a greater vision of superior pet care. If the whole country’s pets are covered, not only are they given great care when they need it, it means more medical care is practised on pets, which means the quality and scope of pet medical care is improved, and we all win.


Combos FTW

Speaking of winning, for a total win, you can combine the compatible savings on this list. e.g. you could cover:

  1. more than one pet (15% off your total premium),
  2. pay upfront (2 months free on 12 months paid),
  3. put them all on the Superior Plan (free wellness benefits), and
  4. refer a friend (50% off your and their next premium).




Got clever ways you’ve used your pet cover to save? We support and encourage total transparency and want everyone to understand just how amazing dotsure.co.za pet cover is. Please share it with the community on our Facebook pet page.