Car insurance shouldn’t be a gamble. Because making flexible, affordable cover available is one of our main goals, we’ve put together a series of blog articles explaining as many as 7 ways that you can save with Name Your Price™ (NYP) car insurance. In this article, we focus on the optional cover limitation related to weekend driving.

Are you a weekday hustler, but a weekend homie? Is your car safely tucked away in your garage when the workweek ends? If that sounds like you, the odds are in your favour! We don’t let you pay for the cover you don’t need. You deserve guaranteed ways to save on your car insurance premium and Name Your Price™ cover limitations allow you the freedom to do just that. Save.


How to save on your premium

According to Arrive Alive, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays see most fatal crashes compared to the other days of the week. This means that accidents are more likely to happen over weekends due to a number of reasons including an increased volume in traffic. Hence, driving over weekends could leave you at a higher risk, which automatically have a knock-on effect on your insurance premium.
If you don’t often spend as much time on the road over weekends, you could consider limiting your cover to exclude driving-over-weekends. Opting out will lower your monthly premium and exclude cover for loss or damage which occur between 21:00 on Friday and 05:00 on a Monday from your policy*. What’s nice is that should you decide to add weekend driving cover to your policy at a later stage if your lifestyle changes, this can easily be done via the Manage Portal.


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