Nobody wants to think about what happens when they’re gone. However, as the old saying goes, “There are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes”. We can’t force the Grim Reaper to quit his day job, but we can prepare for his arrival.

That’s where we come in! is on a mission to help South Africans by providing a range of life planning products that can be tailored to suit specific needs and is developed to protect the legacies of legends like yourself. We offer affordable cover in a world where people are under/uninsured, expenses are growing faster than wages and petrol is the price of liquid gold.

Why not spend your money wisely and invest in the lives of your loved ones with us? From as little as R30pm*, you can have Essential Life cover.


We offer the following awesome options:


  1. Accidental Death or Disability Cover of up to R1 million

The risk is real in South Africa. Our roads are unsafe and accidents happen far more often than they should. But there are so many other possible causes of accidental death and disability accidents like being the victim of a crime or an innocent slip down a flight of stairs.

Anathi, a 35-year old single mom, pays R95pm for peace of mind that her family is financially protected in the event of a life-changing accident. Anathi will receive a R200,000 pay-out in the unfortunate event of her accidental death.*


  1. Funeral Cover of up to R100 000

Plan so that you or your family’s burial is as you intend it to be. Funeral cover with will provide cover for you, your spouse or partner as well as an unlimited* number of family dependents should you wish to cover them under your policy.

Patrick, a 30-year-old dad, pays R125pm for funeral cover for his whole family. Patrick could receive a pay-out of up to R20,000* should any of the members of his family who are covered under the policy pass away.


  1. Comprehensive Life Cover of up R1.9 million

For complete peace of mind, we also offer comprehensive life insurance. This cover will protect your personal finances should tragedy strike. With an added Terminal Illness benefit, that will pay you out up to 12 months* before death should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness. So that you can live out as your life you’ve always wanted.

E.g. John, a 57-year-old grandfather and husband pays R352pm for Comprehensive Life. His family will receive a pay-out of R200,000* should he pass away or be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

All of our policies are whole life cover, which means that it never ends, so long as you pay your premiums and your policy remains active (this is on the condition that you entered within the age limit of 70 years). No medical exams are needed and we provide instant cover for accidental benefits. Our pay-outs are tax free and, once we have received all relevant documents*, we commit to finalize all approved claims within 48 hours.


Go ahead, make a smart move for you and your family before life gets in the way!


*Terms and conditions apply. Premiums and pay-outs displayed above are purely for illustrative purposes. Cover and premiums are dependent on the client’s risk profile. Errors and omissions exempted.