Blew your bonus during the holidays? Don’t stress, we’ve got your back with supercharged savings! You Name Your Price ™ and only pay for the cover you really need. You can customize your car insurance to your heart’s desire.

Here are 6 Ways that you can save with Name Your Price™ cover limitations:

     1.  Save when you throw caution to the windscreen

If you only drive around town for grocery shopping, you can choose to remove the glass cover limitation from your policy. If you remove glass cover from your policy, you will save on your monthly premium, but will however not be protected if your windshield cracks or gets damaged.

     2. Get rewarded for putting night-time journeys to bed

If you spend your nights sleeping instead of exploring the roads around you, you have the option to choose to exclude night-time driving from your policy to lower your premium. This means that you won’t enjoy cover for damages which happen between 21:00 at night and 05:00 in the morning.

     3. Save for taking shortcuts

Do you only travel from home to work and back? If you drive 1,000 kilometres or less each month, you can add the monthly mileage cover limitation to your policy to save big. But remember, spontaneous road trips or holiday  adventures won’t be covered if they fall outside of the 1,000 kilometre mileage limit.

    4. Score for being a proud weekend homebody

If you’re a weekend homebody, you may choose to activate the driving-over-weekends cover limitation to your Name Your Price™ comprehensive car insurance policy. This means that you won’t be covered for damages that happen between 21:00 on a Friday and 05:00 on a Monday. You will, however, have more money in the bank to spend as you please.

      5. Save when the sky doesn’t limit you

If you live in a part of the country that never experiences hailstorms, why should you pay for it? Remove hail cover from your policy to save on your premium, but keep in mind that if Mother Nature has an unexpected tantrum or if you road trip to another part of the country where mini-golf balls pelt you from the sky, your car won’t be covered for damages.

     6. Get rewarded when you’re in the driver’s seat

Switch to a single driver policy and pay less on your monthly premium! If you’re the only person who drives your car, this is a great way to save – but if someone else drives your car, even on a once-off trip to the grocery store, they won’t be covered.

If a single driver policy doesn’t work for your lifestyle, you could also choose to switch from an open driver policy (where anyone with a driver’s license and your permission to drive is covered) to a nominated driver policy (where a specific person stipulated on your policy schedule may drive) to save while ensuring that your car’s secondary driver is covered too.

Remember that you can make these changes to your car insurance policy anywhere, anytime on our 24/7 Manage Portal.