Did you recently switch from green to orange? If you’ve moved over from Oakhurst Insurance to dotsure.co.za Limited, you probably have a few burning questions.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will help you get on track with answers to your most pressing questions.

Here’s a list of our most common FAQs:

Car insurance and general

1. How do I sign into the Manage Portal?

You can self-manage your Pet, Car, Household and Life policies online, by clicking here and following the instructions. It’s important that you use exactly the same details you provided us with when signing up.

2. How do I submit a claim?

The best way to submit a claim would be on your Manage Portal. Once you’re logged-in, on the “Overview” page, simply scroll to the product you’d like to claim for and click “Submit Claim”.

3. How do I change my bank details?

Your banking details and debit date can be updated on your Manage Portal. Once logged in, under the “Overview” page, select “View Details” on the relevant policy card. On the next page, select “Banking” and you’ll have access to update/change your details. You may be required to enter a One Time Pin (OTP) for updates to your banking details.

4. Why do I have multiple debits deducting for dotsure.co.za?

Most likely you’ve added additional value-added products such as our Platinum Cover, Excess Buster, Scratchzone Cover, etc.

These value-added products carry additional premiums and are deducted as separate monthly debit orders.

5. How does the motor Name Your Price™ product work and what is regarded as a cover exclusion?

On our motor Name Your Price™ policy, you can opt to exclude specific cover options from your policy, which in return allows for a lower premium.

The cover exclusions are optional and include adding or removing the following cover options:

  • Windscreen cover
  • Hail damage cover
  • Weekend driving
  • Night-time driving, or
  • Driving over 1000km per month

6. What is Platinum Cover on my motor policy?

Platinum cover is a value-added product that carries a separate premium. Platinum cover pays out a cash amount to you in the event of a valid motor claim to help you with the cost of car hire.

7. What is Excess Buster on my motor policy?

Excess Buster is a value-added product that carries a separate premium. Excess Buster reduces your excess payment in the event of a valid claim.

8. What is Scratchzone cover on my motor policy?

Scratchzone cover is a value-added product that carries a separate premium. Scratchzone offers cover for damage as a result of minor dents and scratches.

9. What is Tyre and Rim cover on my motor policy?

Tyre and Rim cover is a value-added product that carries a separate premium. This product offers cover for damage to your insured vehicle’s mags, wheels, rims and tyres.

Please note that this product does not provide cover for wear and tear.

10. How do I access and track my vehicle on your website?

You can monitor your vehicle on our Telematics Portal which can be accessed via your Manage Portal. Once you’ve logged in, scroll down to your vehicle card and select “Open Telematics Portal”.

11. Is it necessary to fit the Smartbox device even if I have my own tracker?

If you have selected our Name Your Price™ policy, you will be required to fit our Smartbox. We use specific technology to allow you to customise your Name Your Price™ product.

12. Am I covered outside the RSA?

Yes, you are covered for damage to your own vehicle, but not for theft and hijacking. You simply need to get a border letter from us before leaving RSA.

If you have any other questions, please call us on 0861 368 7873 or send an email to u2us@dotsure.co.za. We’d love to assist you and welcome any feedback from our family members.