Can you believe that the Easter Holidays are around the corner?! Are you going away? Lucky fish! With all the excitement building it’s easy to forget about the homie you’re leaving behind!
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here’s 6 quick tips on how to make sure your home is looked after while you’re enjoying your well-deserved break.

1. Prep in advance
You’ve remembered your toothbrush, the sunscreen and your briefs but have you prepped your home before leaving for holiday?
Make sure the grass is cut, rubbish removed, any perishable items removed from the fridge and any other visible signs of you not being at home is eliminated. Make sure to also install smart locks before you leave your home.

Find out how smart locks work here.


2. Inform someone of your plans
A good starting point would be to inform your security company of your plans to go away. Ask them to regularly do patrols whilst you’re away. Inform your neighbours or a friend that you won’t be home and ask them to keep an eye on things…this is also a good excuse for you to actually meet your neighbours. Ask them to switch on a few lights in the evenings (and to rotate the lights as to create the illusion that there’s someone at home), remove post from the post box and to feed Stoffel & Max if they’re staying home this holiday.


3. No one willing to “enter at own risk”?
Ag shame, poor Stoffel and Max. We know they’re good boys but some people just don’t do animals (…weird, we know). Ask to your local vet to recommend a good kennel in your area where the two can go stay.


4. Lights on but no one home…
Put timers on a few of your lights. These are fairly inexpensive and can be found at any good appliance store (Lighting Warehouse, Makro, Builders Warehouse).


5. Save on your electricity bill
Unplug electronics and switch off that geyser. Not only will you be saving electricity but you could also avoid electrical fires.
PLEASE just don’t switch off your fridge and freezer…eeeuw!


6. Get covered
Put your mind at ease by getting insurance in place or make sure your insurance is up to date.

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