As a loving pet parent, each day you make decisions about what to feed and teach your pets – but did you know that these choices make up your overall pet parenting style?

According to Professor Peter Neville, a pet behavioural specialist, “Pet parent personas have become more common in line with our growing desire to humanise pets to ensure they feel like one of the family. It’s fascinating to discover that there are clearly different categories or ‘personas’ when it comes to pet paw-renting.”

Read on to find your style!

The Easy Game


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You love your furball, and you just can’t hide it… Unfortunately, they know this too – so you get woken up for treats in the middle of the night, food stolen off your plate, paw prints on your kitchen counter, and dragged along on walks. Of course, they also know exactly which buttons to press (or curtains to claw) to get your attention.

Even though you look like the champion of chill, you’re probably crying on the inside when yet another pot plant or shoe or carpet is destroyed.

Your pet is lucky to have a cool parent such as yourself, but make sure you don’t become a doormat to them. We don’t want to accuse pets (ahem, cats) of being evil masterminds but over time, your pets do learn how to get exactly what they want from you.

Practice lovingly put your foot down to remind them who the leader of the pack is.

The Helicopter


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If your dog has premium pet insurance, their own Instagram, puppy school in the morning, a playdate at lunch, organic food for lunch, and a salon appointment in the afternoon, you just might be a helicopter pup-parent.

Research shows that that people who show the highest level of dependence on their pets also tend to express the greatest affection for them – so there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your nearest and dearest!

Just remember, all your pet really needs is nutritious food, a stable home, regular check-ups, and loads of love. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t keep up with the Joneses’ pricey doggy parlour pampering – your pup won’t even notice, as long as you’re giving them cuddles.

The Boss


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You’re the king of the castle, and your pet knows it. You watch over your kingdom like a benevolent ruler, and your pet has specific mealtimes, a strict treat ration, and top-notch training. The only one who has full run of the house and garden is you.

Pet parents with this style are often some of the most responsible pet owners when it comes to feeding, grooming, exercise, and vet visits, and it’s likely your pup is a polite and well-trained pleasure to be around.

Research shows that dogs like having rules around the home (because following them pleases their parents), so there’s nothing wrong with ensuring your pup knows who the boss is – but consider relaxing the rules every now and then for spontaneous cuddles and free-for-all playtime.

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