You’re in the bring-it-on Monday mindset… You’ve had your cup of coffee and you’re ready to take ownership of the busy week that lies ahead. All engines go! But at the first stop, you notice a strange hissing sound emanating from your car’s bonnet.

What the clutch is that? Could it be a deadly snake chilling in the radiator? Well, that’s possible but highly unlikely. It could just be a faulty radiator hose. The pipe might be leaking, or brittle and slowly cracking due to water pressure. If you don’t have the technical knowledge or experience to fix cars, DON’T try and fix it yourself. Instead, visit your nearest mechanic to get the job done. It shouldn’t take that long!


Other car sounds and their causes


  1. STOP that whining!

If your car sounds like she’s whining, maybe she’s got a good reason to complain. Some of her parts might need replacing or her hose clamp should be tightened.

She could also be running low on ‘juice’ (engine oil) or her clutch might need replacing.


     2. What the cluck?

You drive around a corner and hear a ‘clucking’-sound when you turn the steering wheel and your first thoughts are that your steering wheel is going to pop off (most likely not, but still… 😊 ). If not this, what else could it be?

This sound is commonly associated with worn outer CV joints when turning the steering wheel to the left or right. The affected side which houses the part will start ‘clucking’ as you turn.

Unfortunately, CV joints don’t come cheap but should be replaced as it can damage your car’s front suspension and wheels.



 3. Who’s stomach just growled?

Does it sound like one of your passengers skipped breakfast? Hmm, but a growling stomach can’t possibly make that much noise.

This sound often comes from your car’s wheel bearings. It can also be mistaken for road or tyre related noises, and normally starts out very faint, gradually getting louder the more time you spend on the road. Aside from the noise, your car’s wheels might also feel somewhat off balance.


CAUTION: Worn wheel bearings are dangerous! It could lead to your car’s wheels falling off completely!


The next time you are suspicious about snakes hiding in the bonnet; or your car’s whining, clucking or growling noises are ‘driving’ you mad – book an appointment with a mechanic to have your mumbling motor fixed ASAP. The money spent on repairs might be a pain, but safety is more important. Stay safe and take care of your 4-wheel bae the same way she takes care of you.


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