We all want to be seen driving the latest and best cars the world offers (those we can afford, anyway). The trouble is – these beauties generate unwanted attention from the wrong crowds.

According to StatsSA an estimated 64 000 incidences of hijackings occurred in 2020/21.

If you live in SA, you've probably developed an extreme OCD when leaving your car in public places (double and triple-checking if your car is locked.).

Well, if you're upgrading your car and looking for an option that will help you live with less fear of losing your mechanical baby, we've got your back.


The 10 most difficult cars to steal.

Here's our list of beautiful mechanical babies that are unattractive to carjackers. These cars are hard nuts to crack for car thieves.

Jaguar XF

Hardest cars to steal | Jaguar XF | Dotsure The Jaguar XF can also be double-locked! You don't know what that means, but you can tell it’s bad news for the bad guy. Well, once the car is double-locked, it cannot be unlocked or started. So even if criminals crack this nut, they won't be able to get it going. It also has a clever In-Control App that can help the SAPS track and recover your car in the unlikely event it gets stolen.


Tesla Model S

Hardest cars to steal | Tesla Model S | Dotsure The Model S is one of the most secure electric cars you can buy in 2022. Its anti-theft features make it a carjacker's nightmare. Tesla owners can use their smartphones to track the whereabouts of their vehicles. Even if the burglar has hacked the system and unplugged the tracker, the car would send a ping to Tesla HQ.


Land Rover Discovery

Hardest cars to steal | Land Rover Discovery | Dotsure The Land Rover Discovery employs ultra-wide-band radio technology to broadcast the key's signal across various frequencies. Therefore, the signal amplifiers or relay devices, commonly used by thieves, struggle to pick up the key's signal, making this car harder to lockpick.


Mercedes Benz GL 550 by TAC

Hardest cars to steal | Mercerdes GL 550 by TAC | Dotsure What do you look for in a safe, hard-to-steal car? You look for a car with steel. One that can bounce bullets off the windshield. You can drive away from danger without worrying about gun-toting and trigger-happy thieves in such a car. Well, that's what this GL's bulletproof exterior gives you.


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG By Inkas

Hardest cars to steal | Mercedes G63 by Inkas | Dotsure Talk about an impenetrable fortress! Inkas's version of the G63 is reinforced with bulletproof glass, powerful armour that can withstand shotgun shots and a bottom steel plate that can endure grenade explosions.


Nissan Leaf

Hardest cars to steal | Nissan Leaf | Dotsure Nissan turned a new safety leaf with this one! The Nissan Leaf will not start if the car key is not within range. If it is in neutral, it will not even move! A responsive GPS tracking technology can also help locate the car. The ordinary car thief leaves this one behind.


Volkswagen Tiguan

Hardest cars to steal | VW Tiguan | Dotsure There's a reason the Volkswagen Tiguan has received several honours for being the safest car. Few cars have alarm systems that can compete. This car just will not start with a different key; forget it! It also sports a stolen-vehicle tracker that can assist in tracing the vehicle from your smartphone.


Hyundai Tucson 

Hardest cars to steal | Hyundai Tucson | Dotsure Although most vehicle critics rated the Hyundai Tucson's engine performance as below average, the anti-theft system did not disappoint. Cutting the cables behind the horn is the easiest method to disable a car alarm, but the Tucson doesn't make it so easy (you'd have better luck drawing blood from a stone than disconnecting the Tucson's alarm system).


Audi A4

Hardest cars to steal | Audi A4 | Dotsure One of the notable security features of the Audi A4 is that the keys contain a chip that makes it more challenging to start with other devices. The keys include a chip that is programmed into the ECU.


Tesla Model X 

Hardest cars to steal | Tesla Model X | Dotsure Even though it is the less expensive sister of the Tesla S, the Model X has an equal level of protection. Aside from GPS monitoring, it offers a Sentry Mode that allows the vehicle to record its surroundings even when the engine is turned off.