Life is getting expensive and forcing us to swim in an ocean of bills (and we don’t mean Dollar bills). Luckily the Rand is starting to “man-up” against the Dollar and we’ve got some good news that will keep you floating this #Januworry. Petrol prices are decreasing at last!



According to the Department of Energy, 93 ULP petrol decreases by 29 cents per litre, while 95 ULP drops down by 34 cents per litre. The wholesale price of 0.005% diesel drops by 26 cents per litre, while 0.05% diesel is down by 22 cents.

Here are the official adjustments (inland prices)

Fuel December official January official
93 Petrol R14.49 R14.20
95 Petrol R14.76 R14.42
0.05% Diesel (wholesale) R12.96 R12.74


Hmm…although the petrol price decrease gives us some relief, we still need to find ways to save some juice. How about going electric with the Nissan Leaf?

The Nissan Leaf – 0.0 L/100 km

The Nissan Leaf looks like an ordinary hatchback from the outside, but it’s different from the petrol suckers on the road. The Leaf is 100% electric and is powered by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery coupled with an 80 kW electric motor capable of running for a maximum of 190 km on a fully charged battery; you can either charge the car from a conventional power outlet or at various quick charging stations across South Africa.

Although the Nissan Leaf will blow your petrol worries away, it’s pricey to purchase. You can buy the Leaf from R500 550 at selected Nissan Dealers.

Leaf your petrol problems behind and travel home safely.

Green tip: Electric cars do their best for the environment when they’re charged by renewable energy stations; South Africa’s energy is still largely coal-based. We encourage you to use fewer fossil fuels by also getting a bicycle. And using it.