Supporting the Way Forward in Veterinary Science

The Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital (OVAH) is a unique institution in Southern Africa. Affiliated with the University of Pretoria, its primary mission is to offer world-class practical training to veterinary students during their final year. Remarkably, the OVAH also plays a distinctive and cherished role in serving the broader veterinary and pet-owning community, by offering invaluable services.


Providing Soft Landings

At, our mission is to help uplift our communities wherever possible. That’s why we collaborate with Onderstepoort to support the country’s up-and-coming vets, with:

  • Contributions to ground-breaking surgeries.
  • Supporting student initiatives.
  • Sponsoring study aids, scrubs, and tuitions of several vet students.
  • Offering referral programmes.


The Hero in Our Midst

Kei - Bravehearted

Among the success stories of SA’s amazing vets, there is one we never get tired of sharing.

In 2020, the Lamont family met a young Malinois cross named Kei at the Boksburg SPCA and instantly fell in love. Little did they know that within a year, Kei would become their saviour.

In the early hours of the morning, their home in Benoni was invaded by two armed robbers. Kei bravely pursued one of the intruders. Injured and stunned, the intruder turned to run. In the chaos, Kei was shot in the face.

Her injuries were severe, but the family knew they had to do everything they could to save her. Kei was rushed to a veterinarian for immediate care, receiving morphine to stabilise her condition.

Kei's X-ray revealed the bullet had entered through her nose, causing damage to two molars, severe tongue injury, and a broken jaw. Kei was later referred to Professor Gerhard Steenkamp at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital for reconstructive jaw surgery.

Over the course of two months, Kei underwent three life-saving surgeries. The first surgery addressed her tongue and removed bony fragments from her jaw. Subsequently, a 3D-printed titanium plate was created for her by the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. Once the plate was fitted, another operation was conducted. This innovative surgery, the second of its kind in South Africa, represents significant progress in the practice of veterinary medicine.


At, we’re dedicated to supporting the well-being of animals and the advancement of veterinary science, and we’re proud to have contributed to the revolutionary surgery of a true furry hero!