Learn More About the Essential Work of Fluffy Heroes


The South African Guide-Dogs Association stands as a beacon of hope, changing lives through the remarkable work of assistance dogs. The puppy-raisers, the trainers, and the dogs selflessly give their time and energy to help those with disabilities gain independence, mobility and companionship. Assistance and support dogs are trained to help people living with physical or visual impairments, as well as children on the autism spectrum.


Providing Soft Landings

At dotsure.co.za, our mission is to uplift communities wherever possible. That’s why we collaborate with the Guide-Dogs Association by supporting their wonderful cause. We:

  • Cover more than 50% of their monthly vet bills.
  • Sponsor the training of future guide dogs.

Meet Maverick and Winston, our current puppies in training!

guide dog puppies


The Heart-Warming Working Dogs

Assistance dogs can open up a whole new world of possibilities for people living with disabilities. We tend to take for granted that we’re able to cross the street, open doors, and avoid obstacles.

A guide dog is a highly trained working dog dedicated to assisting individuals with visual impairments in navigating the world independently. The pairing process is meticulous, considering the individual's lifestyle, the dog's temperament, and the specific needs of both. The formal training focuses on obedience, guiding positions, obstacle avoidance, orientation points, and traffic-work exercises. It involves the use of positive reinforcement techniques, such as clickers and food rewards. In the final stages, instructors wear blindfolds to simulate the handler's experience, ensuring the dog can navigate diverse environments successfully.

Service dogs, another facet of the Guide-Dogs Association's programme, are trained to assist individuals with physical disabilities. They’re not only working dogs but also devoted companions, aiding in tasks like retrieving objects, opening doors, and even barking on command.


Supporting the Cause

The Guide-Dogs Association's story is one of compassion and dedication. The impact of these dogs goes beyond the individual partnerships. It extends to the broader community. They rely on support to provide necessary veterinary care, fund training programmes, and continue their mission of changing lives.


As we celebrate the bond between humans and their working canine companions, let us recognise the vital role of support in ensuring that these extraordinary dogs continue to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.