All dogs make great companions, but not all furry friends are fans of cuddles and kisses. Some prefer a little social distancing, which is not so great for overly affectionate pet parents. Although dogs’ past experiences play a big part in their attitude towards people, some breeds are just naturally more affectionate than others.

If you are looking to adopt a dog that’s good with kids, has a non-aggressive temperament, a warm personality and is keen on kisses, you need to read this!

The following dog breeds are most likely to be kind and affectionate:


1. Eager Beagles


It’s hard to not fall in love with a Beagle. Their friendly faces and long, soft ears simply lure you into a cuddle session with them. They are known for being very calm and super sweet, and they are adored by everyone they meet.

Why you should adopt a Beagle:

They are good with kids and tend to get along well with other dogs because they are not aggressive by nature. Beagles are always eager to play, energetic and they love spending time with their favourite humans. The floppy-eared furries make perfect family dogs as they can manage to keep the kids occupied for hours. And yes, they can be a handful, but they are totally worth it!

Fun Beagle fact: Beagle means “Loudmouth” in French.


2. Smart Springer Spaniels


Springer Spaniels fit the phrase “OMG, it’s so fluffy I wanna die”, perfectly. They are extremely fluffy with the friendliest of faces. Spaniels are clever and fast learners.

Why you should adopt a Springer Spaniel:

They are friendly and love to be around people. Due to their curious nature and cleverness, they are very easy to train. Spaniels are also great with kids as they’re a playful burst of energy by nature. Just be sure to keep them active and entertained, they can be a tad destructive without enough stimulation, or if they get bored.

Fun Springer Spaniel fact: Many celebrities have owned Springers. George H.W. Bush had one named Millie.


 3. Pure-hearted Golden Retrievers


The name says it all, this dog breed goes for gold when it comes to friendliness and affection. They are not only gorgeous, but also kind to the core.

Why you should adopt a Golden Retriever:

Golden Retrievers are obedient, playful and they make the best family pets. Goldies have sweet personalities and they love being around people and other dogs. It’s hard to find a better companion and more caring furry friend than a Golden Retriever. They are very well-mannered and gentle with children.

Fun Golden Retriever fact: According to, Golden Retrievers are enthusiastic swimmers. Sizeable webbing between their toes in combination with a long, fluffy tail add to their natural swim talent.

Apart from the three dog breeds highlighted in this article, other breeds like Australian Shepherds, Pugs, Border Collies and Yorkshire Terriers also make great cuddle buddies, and are just as often known for being affectionate furry friends by nature. In fact, the list is endless because all dogs deserve a loving home, no matter their breed. Given the right pet-human match and enough TLC, most doggos fit in quite nicely with their human families.


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When in doubt, it could we worth your while to check in with a local vet for expert advice when you have adopted a dog and have any concerns about your new furry friend’s health, needs and behaviour. If you have pet insurance, you won’t have to worry about the vet bills – we’ll cover those and let you cover the cuddles 😉. Get a quick, online quote here.


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