Winter has come, the dragons are gone, and we’re in deep. That means cuddles on the couch, blankets, and… binge-watching. Now that GOT is gone, you and your pets can catch up on screen time featuring real animals. Sometimes they’re even more magical than anything we could make up. Don’t leave the lounge (unless you’re taking a certain someone for a daily walk). We’ve selected great content about pets and wildlife to keep you purring till Spring.


Dogs (Series)

This is an eye-opening docuseries about the unbreakable bond between dog and human that has seen us co-evolve as companions over thousands of years. Meet a man who wants to rescue his husky trapped in war-torn Syria, sweet and smart service dogs giving physically challenged kids new hope, and more. “Dogs” unpacks the remarkable relationship between humanity’s best buddy and dogs’ favourite fans. It will put a smile on your – and your pooch’s – face.


The Lion in your Living Room (Single show)

It’s called the “common” housecat, but anyone who has let a felid mammal rule their home knows that they are nothing short of extraordinary. Cute as can be, and skilled killers to boot, this 50-minute journey across the world unearths mysteries and marvels of the domestic cat. Find out why this indispensable and enigmatic human companion is the most popular pet in the world. Sorry, Rover, looks like you might need to scoot over… 😉


72 Cutest Animals (Series)

Instead of scary, dangerous animals, this time, Showrunner Productions brings you cute, cuddly ones. Try not to squeal or sigh through Season 1 with 12 whole episodes of beautiful babies and their mommies and daddies. We guarantee you will make some ‘aww’-inspired noises of your own …


Shark (Series)

Get to know the jaw-dropping lifestyles, habits, and social structures of sharks from the arctic to the equator. This ancient family of hunters, whose ancestors fought dinosaurs, live in every sea across the earth and are especially important predators in the marine ecosystems they inhabit.


Virunga (Series)

If you’re a fan of Leo di Caprio, you might know that he really cares about wildlife and the environment and uses his wealth and fame to protect both. This doccie slash journalism piece follows human guards trying to protect endangered gorillas.


Wild China (Series)

A six-part journey that tells the story of magical creatures in the last hidden world of China. This vast landscape is home to a diverse array of surprising and exotic animals and the largest human population in a single country on earth. Explore how closely man and beast co-exist across tropical seas and steaming forests – and even atop brain-freezing icy peaks.


Disneynature: Wings of Life (Series)

For the ornithophiles and bird watchers, this gorgeous doccie shows birds in all their tiny, taloned and tweeting glory. Watch it soon. As Netflix increases its arsenal of own-brand shows, this single listing from Disneynature is sure to be cancelled by the end of the year.


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