Aroooh! It’s a dog’s life when you need to “go”, and the human says no or the door is closed.

These clever items help humans and dogs with doggy “doo”, and you can order them online today.


For indoors – dog potty (adults)


Your doggie may live predominantly indoors or not have access to the gardens when you’re out. The Calasca Potty Patch understands this, and mimics nature to help your hound answer its call. It looks and feels like real grass. The waste tray beneath separates and collects urine, and the mats are easy to clean with soap and water. Pop it on the patio, the porch or anywhere indoors. Great for dogs up to 6,8kg.


Puppy potty for the LO


Similar to the Potty Patch above, this Puppy Training Potty Pad from Wiggle is smaller-sized for pups or small dogs. It mimics real grass to help puppy develop natural toileting instincts. The mat is made of odour-resistant, anti-microbial artificial grass and its scent attracts canids.


Potty patch top up grass


If the potty has many dogs to serve or you don’t have time to wash the grass layer right now, then you need an extra supply of clean potty patches  to maintain your dog’s hygiene routine.

TIP: if you’re buying top up grass for the smaller puppy potty, you may want to cut it to size.


For seniors or sickies – Doggie diapers


Some dogs can’t control when they go, whether from an injury or the ageing process. Especially helpful for dogs with bowel and bladder issues like incontinence, these nappies for lady dogs will take some practise initially. Be gentle and patient while you teach your old dog new tricks – she will need time to get used to its unusual feeling and you may want to consult a pet behaviourist for a stress-free adjustment process.

TIP: Change the doggy nappy often. “Like a baby, your dog shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in a wet or full diaper,” warns the American Kennel Club. “A wet or dirty diaper can result in diaper rash in canines, which can cause burning, itching, and inflammation, as well as bacterial infections.”


Out and about



Pooping outside is the best if you’re a dog; the worst if you’re its embarrassed human. Remove shame and doggie waste in one go with these eco-friendly compostable dog poop bags proudly made of plant-based material right here in South Africa.

PRO TIP: remember to toss it on a real compost heap and cover.  It will take thousands of years to break down in a landfill.


Small and stylish, this two-in-one that attaches to you will have you armed and ready for anything your doggie may emit (from either end). We suggest a separate bag for carrying the filled poop bag to its compost heap (see PRO TIP above).


In case of accidents or small gardens


Comfortable and cool, there’s no need to dread the daily poop pickup when you own equipment like this. You won’t have to stoop to poop level to clean the area, either. Just stand, scoop and proceed with the poop patrol. It’s great for anyone with back, neck and knee issues and your dogs will love you for cleaning up, even if they don’t say anything.

REMEMBER: if your garden is small, clean poop regularly. It is full of germs which can cause disease.


In case of smells – this spray


It’s for cat odours, but works very nicely for dog stinks , too. The active enzymes get to the heart of the scent and sort it out.

WARNING: Do not spray it on your pets.


Final tip for your clean-up trip


Runny poop (or puke). You can wipe it away with earth-friendly wet wipes like these and/or rinse it off with fresh water.


Your turn


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