We are a fast-paced, training-wheels-off country, and the new proposed speed limits could mean more traffic fines in the mailbox for all the movers and shakers.


New speed limits proposed for SA

According to Transport Minister, Mr Fikile Mbalula’s 2021 festive season fatality statistics, a total of 605 drivers were arrested for speeding. These were the movers and shakers driving at excessive speeds of over 190 km/h.


Current general speed limits are set at:

  • 60 km/h on public roads within urban areas.
  • 100 km/h on public roads outside urban areas which are not a freeway.
  • 120 km/h on every freeway.

The minister said, “The highest speedster was arrested in Limpopo travelling at 225 km an hour.” This plainly explains the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s (RTMC) motivation for proposing new speed laws on our roads to lower fatal car crashes.


What are the proposed new general speed limits?

Based on the RTMC’s proposal, we could see a reduction in speed of 10 km/h in each zone:

  • From 60 km/h to 50 km/h in urban areas
  • From 120 km/h to 110 km/h on freeways.
  • No specific mention was made of lowering the speed limit on public roads outside urban areas from 100 km/h to 90 km/h, but it is probable.


Why do we speed?

Maybe the issue is that we call it speeding and not so much breaking the law. Not missing a flight or arriving early for a job interview is more important than staying within the speed limit. But the answer might be different if you were to ask people if they would break the law to get to an interview on time. The rest of the time, we are influenced by other road users. It’s hard to adhere to the speed limit when everyone around you has their pedal to the metal.


What is the fine for speeding?

The above-mentioned general speed limits are applicable on all roads (even when not displayed by a speed sign) unless otherwise indicated by a road traffic sign. This is how much exceeding the speed limit could cost you:

Violation: Exceeding the speed limit by:  Fine
Between 11 km/h and 15 km/h R 250
Between 16 km/h and 20 km/h R 500
Between 21 km/h and 25 km/h R 750
Between 26 km/h and 30 km/h R1 000
Between 31 km/h and 35 km/h R1 250
Between 36 km/h 40 km/h R1 500
Above 40 km/h Court decides