We at dotsure.co.za absolutely adore our exotic pet family members! Just like us, they dare to be different and disrupt the pet world with their rare beauty and charisma. In fact, we are the first and only insurance provider in South Africa to offer cover for birds, mammals, reptiles, rodents and other charming critters. 😉

So, what exactly counts as an exotic pet?

“Whilst ‘exotic’ is technically an expression for a species of animal not indigenous to a particular country, the term ‘exotic pets’ is often used to refer to unusual pets like iguanas, snakes, parrots and monkeys,” says the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) on their website.


Meet our exotic pet family

Now that we’ve ‘beaked’ your interest, let’s chat about the dotsure.co.za exotics that crawled, bounced, sailed or flew straight into our hearts.
Our most popular exotic pet family names are Coco, Bella, Charlie, Rio and Zazu. But what breeds do our pet parents favour?


Our most popular exotic is… (drumroll, please)

The most popular exotic pet we cover is the African Grey, which accounts for over 30% of our exotic pet policyholders. We’re ecstatic to have so many of these beautiful birds under our wing and can’t wait to tell you more about this feathery breed.

The Lafeber website describes African Greys as “The Einsteins of the Bird World”, because they are incredibly clever. Their ability to talk and to mimic sounds make them a captivating companion for humans. Plus, they can stick around for 80-years or longer, making them a compadre for life.


Our second most popular exotic…

Runner-up exotic breed and personal favourite (check out our logo 😊), the rabbit of course! Almost 20% of our exotic pet policyholders has hopped into our hearts. We’re so lucky to cover these adorable bundles of fur.

“Rabbits have strikingly distinctive personalities. They can be as playful and silly as puppies or kittens, as independent and fascinating as cats, or as loyal and openly affectionate as dogs. And long-time rabbit owners claim that domestic rabbits are, in their own way, every bit as smart as cats and dogs,” says Petfinder.


Our third most popular exotic…

The marvellous Marmoset Monkey (awh). Just over 11% of our policyholders are proud Marmoset moms and dads. We’re happy to hang with these fellas and super proud that they’re also part of our dotsure.co.za exotic crowd.

A small primate like a Marmoset can make an excellent companion. These monkeys are clever and playful but need lots of love and attention from their loving humans. Just take extra care to ensure that you have the perfect living conditions for them.


Now let’s get better acquainted with one of our other exotic pets…


Yes, we’ll have Sprinkles!


We asked loving pet parent, Bronwen, a few questions about the furry fellow.


Here are her answers to them:


Q: Why did you decide to get a hamster as a pet?

A: “I have had hamsters as pets as far back as I can remember, around 6 years old. They are so lovable and enchanting! When I was in my early twenties, I unknowingly bought a pregnant hamster who had her 5 babies a few weeks later. I kept each one and the mommy until they passed.”, says Bronwen.


Q: What makes Sprinkles a great pet?

A: “He is such a joy. Super affectionate, easy and fuss-free. He brings so much happiness with his antics.”, says Bronwen.


Q: What should people know before getting a hamster as a pet?

A: Bronwen provides the following tips for Hamster parents:

  1.  “Be prepared for occasional bites.”
  2. . “Do not take any animal on if you are easily bored and not in it 100%, especially if they get ill. They have such short lifespans.”
  3. “Not recommended to be left alone with little kids or other pets”.
  4. “Always keep their cages spotless. I use Cat’s Best organic plant-based litter for his toilet, and he is perfectly potty trained.”


Q: Do you have a special nickname/s for your exotic pet?

A: “Yes, Tiny Dancer, Potato and Rice Tail.” (Double aww!!!), Bronwyn mentions.


Q: What are is his favourite hobby? and treats?

A: “Dancing for his supper – he loves being hand-fed after dancing.” “Plain double cream yoghurt, Grana Padano cheese & Lovelies are his favourite treats”, says Bronwen.


Q: What are his favourite treats?

A: “Plain double cream yoghurt, Grana Padano cheese and Lovelies treats.”


Q: Most lovable feature/s?

A: “His little rice tail, silky paws and beautiful smile.”, Sprinkles’ mom says proudly.


Q: If your Sprinkles had an alter-ego, how would you describe this pet personality?

A: “Definitely, a cabaret dancer….” , says Bronwen.


We would absolutely love to see little old Sprinkles do the furry shuffle! Thanks Bronwen and Sprinkles for being such sports and for thoroughly entertaining us with your answers to our questions! Aww, we love Sprinkles, he is such a treat!

If you too are the lucky pet parents of an exotic animal, remember to protect them with pet insurance.  Get a quick quote online here!