These lovely pet bachelors and bachelorettes are looking for their “fur-ever” homes. Will you be their new owner? They are ready to give you Unconditional Love…


5-year-old, Black/Tan, Large Collie Type Female Dog

I’m a sweetie pie in search of someone with a sweet tooth. I’m a sociable Collie girl who enjoys attention from friendly humans. My face lights up and my eyes sparkle when someone rubs my belly or back. I’ll make the perfect family dog because I’m playful and I adore tiny humans. In fact, I love all humans that feed me yummy treats 😜

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3-year-old, Grey Tortoiseshell, Domestic Shorthair Female Cat

I’m a lover of selfies and always ready to strike a pose. As you can see, I’ve got my “Blue Steel” look down to the T with my piercing green eyes. If you love cuddles, then I’m your girl. My soft fur will keep your hands glued to me. I’ve only got 8 lives left, which I choose to spend with you! I’m no stranger to danger, I lost a life when I was found close to death in a sealed dog food bag. That was traumatic but I’m happy to report that I’ve got a new lease on life and that today I’m “purrfectly” healthy and ready for some royal treatment😊

Swipe right, your hand will thank you for it! 🐱

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1-year-old, Black, Large Labrador Type Male Dog

I am a young Labrador lad looking for a family to join me for a game of doggy tennis. I LOVE to play tennis. I can toss a ball like Federer and grunt when the ball slips out of my grip like Nadal. I’m a big gamer, love any and all ball games! If you’re willing to be my lifelong teammate and you love sports, you’re the winner of my heart! Swipe right, I don’t bite!

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5-year-old, Black/Tan, Large German Shepard Female Dog

My motto is “You’ve got to risk it, to get the biscuit” 😊 I’ll sit on command if you give me a treat. I’m an ex-retired JMPD officer. I am an obedient, intelligent and super friendly lassie. I’m sweet by nature and I’m looking for a family to take me for long walks. My perfect match should come with a big backyard and kids to play games with. Swipe right, I won’t bite! 😜

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8-year-old, Black/ Tan, Dachshund Type Male Dog

I’m a charming black and tan Dachshund in search of true love. Don’t let my age fool you, I’m not like your average 8-year old. I’ve got the energy of a newborn puppy and the ball sense of a soccer star. Getting old and calculating age is a human thing. I say YOLO! I don’t let my age get in the way of a good game of twine chasing. I’ve got soul, take me home! 🐾

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You can’t change a shelter pets past, but you can rewrite their future!