Common Symptoms and Prevention of Pet Diabetes

Dr Joan Joubert is a small animal veterinarian, currently working at Gordon Road Veterinary Clinic, in Somerset West.


How common is diabetes amongst pets?

“Diabetes occurs in about 1/300 pets who are usually middle-aged or older, but it can develop at any age.”


What are the signs that pet parents should look out for?

“Common symptoms to look out for are excessive thirst and urination, weight-loss, decreased appetite, and cloudy eyes.”


What are the complications associated with diabetes in pets?

“It’s important to have your pet checked by a vet when symptoms are noted. Untreated Diabetes can lead to complications such as behavioural changes, recurring urinary tract infections, muscle tremors, seizures, and even collapse.”


Do you have advice on how a pet parent can prevent their pet from developing diabetes?

“Regular vet visits can really make a big difference in picking up abnormalities. It’s also important to maintain a healthy weight for your pet as obesity increases the likelihood of diabetes.”


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Dr Joubert qualified as a vet in 2018 at Onderstepoort, Pretoria. She has always loved animals, probably more than humans 😉


When did you decide to become a vet?

“Since I was about 3 years old, the only thing I wanted to be was an animal doctor. This made it easier to take the right subjects and work hard towards being accepted.”


Dr Joubert, do you have any pets?

“I grew up with Dachshunds, but always wanted the long-haired ones. The moment I moved into my own place, Hazel and Harley joined the family!


Any last thoughts on the topic?

“Although diabetes is a serious condition, pets can live happy and healthy lives with proper treatment, monitoring, diet, and exercise.”