February is “Spay and Neuter Awareness Month” and we thought it would be the perfect time to remind you to have your loved ones (the furry ones, that is) neutered. It’s a minor procedure done by a Vet, and for the males, they usually go home on the same day. We are encouraging everyone we know to go and get it done.

Here are 4 very good reasons to take the step and give your pets the snip:

Love them “long time”

Your pets will live longer. Because their “manufacturing parts” have been removed, they won’t run the risk of infections or tumours to those parts. For your cats, you will also help stop the spread of fatal feline diseases.

Oh behave!

You will notice a considerable change in their furry peculiarities. Boy dogs won’t ‘wee’ everywhere, girl cats won’t constantly cry when they are in heat and even female pups will stop bitching.

We have a crisis!

It is so sad, but unfortunately true. There are too many unwanted animals and not enough homes for them. 7 out 10 dogs and 9 out of 10 cats are euthanised in government shelters in SA. Neutering helps to stop the slaughter. So get Max in the car (or Butch or Kujo or Sasha or Wagter), head down to your local vet and start to make a difference by doing the responsible thing.

Help fight cruelty to animals

Too many cats and dogs means they may be given to people who don’t know how to care for them and they may become neglected; or worse, they may end up on the streets having to fend for themselves. Doing the right thing can vary in cost. It is a once-off payment that ranges from R 500 to R 1 500.

Your pet can get cover from dotsure.co.za

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