You probably buy your dog’s collar and leash according to your favourite colour, brand or your fur-kid’s gender. Boys wear blue, right? Well, you’ve been doing it WRONG! There’s a deeper meaning behind the colour of your canine’s collar.

If your Johnny tends to get aggressive around kids who mess with his perfect hairdo or Sammy always runs after other canines for the kill, your doggo should be wearing a red or orange collar.


Did you know?

There is a colour-coded system used by dog owners to signify specific health conditions like blindness or behavioural issues. Coloured leashes, collars and ribbons aren’t just fancy decorations to pimp your dog’s style, they’ve got specific meanings.


Why do you need to know what your dog’s collar means?


The colour-coded system gives your dog a voice and alerts strangers.  The colour-coded system is visible from a distance to alert other humans in advance and has large embroidered writing so there is no confusion on the meaning of the collars. That’s fur-bulous!



It’s your responsibility as a pet parent to do whatever you can to keep your pets safe as well as to alert fellow pet owners to your potentially unfriendly or nervous dog.

You can buy a colour-coded collar and leash for under R300 here: Colour coded dog collars

That’s really good value for money! Order your colour collar today and make your dog walks more enjoyable.