Classics always seem to be the new thing. From apple bottom jeans to golden oldies - vintage is one of our favourite indulgences. Classic cars have staved off the evil of modern invention. They are primarily showroom pieces and collectible items. Although incredibly striking to behold, driving and maintaining them today can cause one to blow the good old steam engine. Well, not anymore!


British company power steers past cars into the future.

Charge Cars has a team of auto-experts with extensive experience in developing luxury and high-performance vehicles that demand attention from the purveyors of all things vintage and the modern connoisseur alike. They are dedicated to bringing the most advanced technologies and components such as motors, power electronics, battery systems, intelligent software, and stunning user interfaces that were made for today’s roads to cars of the past.


They are all about classic cars being upgraded from original manufacturer specifications to integrate modern safety, drivability, or performance features, while significantly preserving the original iconic design of the exterior appearance.


The Electric Mustang by Charge.


  • 63 kWh Battery
  • 50 kW DC Charging
  • 200 Miles Range
  • 400 kW Peak Power
  • 9 Seconds 0-60mph


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