“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying that accurately sums up the American Pit Bull experience. These powerful creatures have earned a reputation as tough customers and rightfully so. But are they really the vicious monsters that we have been led to believe that they are?


The PBFSA (The Pit Bull Federation SA (Pty) Ltd) is on a mission to debunk that myth, and you can join them on their journey to educate the public and to celebrate The American Pit Bull’s authenticity.


The history of Pit Bulls


Pit bulls were originally bred in England, specifically for bullfighting. Bulls were tied to an iron stake and Pit Bulls were encouraged to attack for public entertainment. Once these blood sports were banned in the UK, they moved over to America were the “aggressive beasts” later became part of the American culture. Behind nearly every white-picket fence an American Pit Bull waited patiently for the enemy to approach, but sadly, not all Pit Bulls found loving homes where they could guard their families. To this day some are still trained for dog fighting all over the world.


Pit bull aggression

Although it would be hard to argue against the fact that these animals have a genetic pre-disposition to aggression, there is absolutely no merit in generalising. Environmental factors and upbringing are always the major contributor to any individual animal’s behaviour. We say, be optimistically cautious, but know that a loved pit bull can be as gentle and loving as any other breed.


3 Reasons to adopt an American Pit bull


  1. Pit Bulls are extremely loyal. For a companion that’s always by your side- Pit Bulls won’t disappoint.
  2. Pit Bulls are very affectionate. They give big smiles and always give you a warm welcome.
  3. They are usually great with kids.*

*Note:  Be cautious when allowing your kids to approach any dog, but especially cautious around unfamiliar Pit Bulls, they do pack a serious punch.


Pit Bulls are amazing animals and once you exercise some objectivity and try to understand their behaviour, you’ll experience their special value.


Do you feel guilty about believing these myths yet? Well then, we’ve got just the thing for you! Join the PBFSA’s Celebrating The American Pit Bull Breeds Event in Pretoria.


About the Celebrating The American Pit Bull Breed Event


The event takes place on Saturday, 2 December (9:00-17:00) at Toutrek Park, Cnr. Nico Smit & 15thAvenue, Gezina (Pretoria). The purpose of the event is to educate people on Pit Bulls as a breed. Over and above this, they are also raising funds for an awesome cause – the sterilization of dogs.


We’re sure you’ll agree that every puppy needs a good home. The number of stray dogs resulting from the lack of sterilization is astounding! Let’s help them to combat this by supporting the event.


The Pit Bull Federation SA (Pty) Ltd (PBFSA) welcomes everyone to enjoy this day out with them. Bring along all your family and friends, it’s going to be a great event.


For more information or to learn more about what you can do to help or donate please email: marketing@pbfsa.co.za