Who doesn’t love a pair of beautiful, blue eyes… especially if they belong to a gorgeous Siamese kitty! These elegant felines are one of the world’s oldest breeds – and with their affectionate personalities and regal, good looks, it’s easy to see why they’ve been popular for centuries.

As with any pet, Siamese cats have their own unique set of needs. Playful and extroverted, these sleek sweethearts need a lot of care and attention and prefer to have their human close by. And be prepared for the meowing: Siamese cats are known to be very talkative! While they are “needier” than most breeds, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, a sophisticated Siamese can be your very best friend.

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about adding a Siamese cat to your family.

Is a Siamese cat right for you?

Thought to have originated as a pet for noble families in Thailand during the 14th century, Siamese cats have the dignified presence of a cat that’s used to being treated like royalty. But, as noted above, dignified does not mean silent! These kits have a lot to say and aren’t afraid to speak their mind – what’s more, they often tend to follow their owners from room to room to “express their opinions”.

The Siamese is also a very intelligent breed of cat. These brainy beauties require a lot of play and stimulation, meaning it’s wise to stock up on toys to keep them from getting bored. Remember, if you don’t buy a scratching post, your couch might just have to bear the brunt!

Siamese cats are affectionate and friendly and are generally good with children and other cats or dogs – just introduce them slowly and gently. In fact, since they’re such a social breed, it might be worth getting two Siamese cats – just be prepared for double the meowing!

If you prefer a quiet, aloof sort of cat, a Siamese might not be a great fit. But, if you’re looking for a constant companion loaded with adorable personality, these silky stunners might be just what you need.

Siamese cat health issues

Siamese cats have an average lifespan of about 12-15 years. That should give your kitten plenty of time to meow to its heart’s content!

Their most common health problem is related to their most distinctive feature: their eyes. Siamese cats can contract progressive retinal atrophy, which may lead to loss of vision and even blindness. They can also suffer from liver disease, asthma, and hip displacement.

Despite being picky eaters, Siamese cats can gain weight quickly, leading to obesity. This can put a massive strain on their slender legs: it’s best to stick to healthy, vet-approved cat food.

It’s best to stay on top of your pet’s health and wellbeing by taking them for regular check-ups at the vet, making sure their vaccinations are up to date, and – of course – loving and adoring them!

Luckily, with comprehensive pet insurance, like the plans offered by dotsure.co.za, you can ensure your beloved Siamese kitty stays healthy and happy from only R77 per month.*

Finding a Siamese in your area

At dotsure.co.za, we support pet adoption, and there is no shortage of loveable Siamese kittens and cats waiting at shelters and rescues throughout the country.

If you choose to go through a breeder, we strongly recommend that you go through accredited breeders who belong to a recognised organisation like The South African Cat Council. You never want to go through a breeder who isn’t part of a regulatory organisation, as these are often unethical operations.


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