There’s so much that goes into the designing and manufacturing of a roadworthy vehicle. We think that the people who make it happen are superheroes. Or superheroines.

We’d like to introduce you to some extremely capable ladies who design, build, customise, and sometimes race cars.


1. A powerful BMW furbished by females

The BMW Z4 roadster owes the strength and style of its looks to Juliane Blasi. She designed the exterior and Nadya Arnaout, designed the interior. Maybe that’s why points out that there’s enough space in this two-seater to allow you to “actually go away for a weekend and pack more than a wallet, sunglasses and toothbrush”.


2. The macho pickup truck with a lady’s touch

If the American pickup truck (4×4) represents anything, it’s strength and endurance. The Ford F-150, which The Things calls the “most iconic and best-selling pickup of all time”, owes its grit and resilience to Ms. Jackie DiMarco who was its chief engineer from 2012 to 2014.



3.  A Toyota technician is the queen of the workshop and the track

Yui Mitsuhashi is a technician who can build a Toyota from the tar up. In addition to being employed by the much-loved Japanese car manufacturer, she runs her own race car building team at Osaka Uni. Who said a grown woman doesn’t like a bit of speed on the side.


4.  Inside and on top: shredding rubber and stereotypes big time with Savannah Little

Savannah Little loves a big build. She’ll also race it when she’s done. The fearless racer came first in the TT Unlimited at the NASA Championship in 2017. Her Instagram bio is “Shred, Break, Build, Repeat” and we aren’t sure where she finds time to model, too, but she does. In fact, modelling first got her to the track she now calls home.


5. The Volvo by and for ladies with love from Maria, Camilla et al

What do you get when you challenge a team of all-female designers to create a car for the Geneva Motor Show? Something sporty, solid and swift. The luxury Volvo YCC (Your Concept Car) was designed by and for women drivers. Maria Widell Christiansen project managed the process with the help of Camilla Palmertz and other indispensable aides.



A sleek, strong Subaru, customised.

It’s her way or the highway for Ckaneda. Self-dubbed “the girl with the Subaru tattoo”, this lady likes to customise her WRX-STI to her heart’s content. It’s a highly modifiable design which works well for adaptations and detailing. An entrepreneur as well as an influencer and car builder! She also sells Subaru-inspired clothing for other “Subie Girls” like her.

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