Navigating the enduring terrors of parenthood can be a daunting undertaking. So, can a cutesy sticker subdue some of the anxiety, and importantly, do “Baby on Board” stickers really work?


“Oh, there’s a baby? I better start driving safely now!”

Often met with snotty derision, rolling eyes, and overly sarcastic remarks, the Baby on Board (AKA BoB) sticker is undoubtedly the national flag of parenthood. When the car decal debuted in the ‘80s, it was widely regarded as a fad. But, driven by the futility of our natural powers and the fervent need to protect our most precious cargo – the BoB sticker is still thriving decades later.

To the motoring moms and dad drivers who have armed their cars with the sign, it is a magical amulet that can protect their little humans. Because roads are teaming with speeding Decepticons that transform into flammable death wagons in the screech of a tyre. Many dismiss the talismanic powers of the “Baby on Board” sign right up until after their first child's birth, when they expect a much wider berth from all the death wagons masquerading as cars on the freeway.


The shine in the little diamond decal.

In earnest, the sign is a plea to all the people in the death wagons to drive more safely around you. But what it really is, is a declaration of love! It is shouting from the rear window of your baby chariot that there is a little human aboard, and you would really love to see them grow into a bigger human being.

Although the next point is primarily car folklore – these signs are also used to inform emergency services at the scene of an accident that there could be a child in the car. Should the parent or driver be unconscious, the sign will alert them to look for a child in the back seat or nearby.


Baby on board? OH NO, THERE ISN’T!

Okay, so there may or may not be an infant (currently present) in the vehicle, but there is a parent (grasping for control on roads full of cars they have no control over). And the magical amulet is just the thing to see them safely home.


The blood in this little diamond decal

The BoB signs may have evolved from their traditional diamond-shaped decal. Still, whatever variation you prefer, the dangers involved are the same:

  • Sign is open to anyone’s interpretation

People don’t drive more cautiously just because you put up a sign.

  • Causes 1 in 20 accidents

There have been reports on surveys that claimed the stickers are responsible for one in 20 road accidents.

  • They can put your baby in more danger

Some people use the sticker as a substitute for baby car seat, which it is not.


How to keep your child safe while driving:

  • Don’t choose a sign that’s too big.
  • Place the sign in a spot that does not obscure your vision.
  • Obey road rules.
  • Make sure your child is buckled up in an appropriate car seat.


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