Ooh, holidays soon. That means trips and treats and gifts and eats. We’ve got a few recipes for you and your pets here. Now for some gifts for pets and pet people.

No need to call mom for advice on this one. Pets are family these days, and gifts are easy to order online. Your favourite pet insurance blog has you covered with these awesome ideas.

Before the listings, you might want to bookmark this blog post for another time, too. Why? Well, because it’s becoming tradition to give pet-related gifts outside of the biggest holiday of the year, too. Did you know that some dog owners shower their pets with gifts on special occasions like birthdays and holidays? Across the world, young adults 18 – 30 years (Generation Z and millennials) are having children later than previous generations did and spending their disposable income on their pets instead. Pets are even included in the signature of family greet cards, sometimes. Do you? “With love from us and Petal”? 😊 If you already behave this way, you are right up there with trend-setting consumer humans (and if you’re a pet hoping for a gift, we’re trying to get across to the humans that it might need to be a leetel bit more than a cow hoof for pooch to chew on. Just saying).

Gift ideas for pets and people you can order online


Gifts for dogs


Gifts for cats

  • Entertain kitty endlessly with these door hanger toys.
  • A fully foldable kitty tunnel can mean hours of play or a place to scoot away to.
  • The smarter the cat, the more you need a kitty super circuit for them to play mole in.

Other pet gift options

Gifts for pet people

  • This book tells really inspiring stories of rescue dogs and their adventures.
  • Not sure what they need, but know they have pets? Give a gift voucher.
  • Special mention: Absolute must-have (order early) – You know you can clone your pet, right? Turns out if you’re not ready for that (and most of you weren’t), you can do the next best thing and have your pet’s likeness immortalised in wearable items. We are not kidding, 3-D modelling can turn a photo of your favourite animal into a three-dimensional object. You can have house slippers that look exactly like your pet. YOUR pet. The one that is unique and amazing and divine and the best. Now your cat (dog, parrot, etc.) can be the subject of your public fandom, not just your private photo collection (made easier to manage with this tool). They come from abroad, so order now in time for the holidays…

Yep, your pet as slippers

Budget version – You’re paying in dollars with this one, and we know you don’t want to get into trouble for spending your entire gift budget on yourself, so go cost-effective by getting Poopsie made permanently pretty as a modestly-priced pair of earrings. It will be a conversation-starter you’ll never get tired of, obvs.

Can’t believe it? Neither could we. Here’s the whole range.

And, of course, they do gift cards, too


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