Are you hitting the road this coming holiday?

Here’s 8 number plate facts to share with your fellow road trippers…


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  1. Since 1994, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal are the only two provinces where the registration can be still linked to specific towns and cities – woah!
  2. With the exception of diplomatic, government, police and military vehicles, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal are also the only two provinces with a plain white background on their number plates and no background graphics #lekkerboring
  3. The Free State is the only province in South Africa that has an expiry date on registration plates. Say what?! Every five years, the owner is required to replace plates, irrespective of their condition. This is only enforced in the Free State so if an owner uses a vehicle with “expired” plates in any other province, he or she will not be prosecuted. Licence plate expiry is independent from the annual license renewal required by national law. Can anyone say Cheat-aaaahs
  4. Vowels are not used on the plates of private vehicles. Mmmmm…never payed attention to this but now that you mention it!
  5. The fewer letters you include on personalised number plates, the pricier they become. (The cost for a single digit registration – for example, CA 1 – can be as much as R6 000, while a longer number, like CA 12345, can be as low as R600.) So, I drive a 20k Golf 1 but my number plate cost 5K.
  6. Heading into 2012, Gauteng Province (GP) was running out of licence plate variations and had to adopt a new system: two letters, two numbers, two letters and a province indicator (GP). GP drivers are also prone to run out of patience when stuck in traffic.
  7. The towns in the former Cape Province were originally assigned prefixes in order from largest to smallest and following the corresponding letters of the alphabet. Thus “CA” represented the largest city, Cape Town, “CB” the second largest, Port Elizabeth, and so on. Shame so don’t judge those poor folk with CAW number plates….they’ve never seen a traffic light.
  8. A vehicle can only be registered in the town the owner lives in. It is also not possible to renew a licence in any other town than the one in which the registered owner lives. Has this happened to you? You’ve stood in line at the licencing department for 2 days when you finally get to the front just to be told to go somewhere else. No? Well, you’ve been warned and you’re welcome!

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And there you have it folks! We hope you TREAT your friends to these awesome facts! Safe travels!