It turns out that we’re not the only ones who treat our cats like members of the royal family. Felines owned by Egyptian royals were enrobed in golden jewelry and many goddesses were portrayed as cats or as women holding cats. The Ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem. Hurting or killing a cat was punishable by death.

Considering how sacred cats were – and still are – to the Egyptians, why not give your kitty an Egyptian name? With more than 5,000 years of rich Egyptian history, the language offers a wide variety of names. Try “Ebony” if you have a beautiful black lioness, or perhaps “Heru” if your kitty loves to bathe in the warm of sunlight.


50 Egyptian cat names


Names for femalesMeaning
1. AkilaIntelligent
2. AzizaPrecious
3. BastWarrior goddess of cats
4. BastetGoddess of cats and the home
5. CleopatraA queen of Egypt
6. DalilaGentle
7. EbonyBlack
8. EsheLife
9. IsisSupreme Goddess
10. JamilaBeauty
11. KamilahPerfection
12. KanikaBlack
13. LaylaBorn at night
14. LotusLotus flower
15. MandisaSweet
16. NailahSuccessful
17. NefertitiName of a queen
18. NeithThe divine mother
19. NileFrom the Nile
20. PanyaMouse
21. SagiraLittle one
22. SelmaSecure
23. TahiraPristine
24. ZahraFlower
25. ZalikiWellborn
Male NamesMeaning
1. AbasiStern
2. AdofoFighter
3. AkiikiFriendly
4. AkinsBrave
5. AziboEarth
6. AziziPrecious
7. BastetA cat
8. BomaniWarrior
9. DakaraiHappy
10. DariusName of a pharaoh
11. HapiA god of the Nile
12. HeruSun god
13. HusaniHandsome
14. IshaqLaughs
15. KoseyLion
16. LateefGentle
17. MenesName of a king
18. ObaKing
19. SebGod of the earth
20. TauLion
21. TorKing
22. TumainiHope
23. UmiLife
24. ZahurA flower
25. ZuberiStrong

Hmm… looks like we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an awesome Egyptian name for our four-legged pharaohs!