Service Provider Procurement Policy

As a forward-thinking insurer with real purpose and desire to make a difference, our procurement policy is simple, yet efficient. It promotes and allows service providers to compete in terms of their value offerings whilst allowing Dotsure to remain committed to the overall improvement of the South African economy. Through our procurement policy we enable meaningful participation of the previously disadvantaged people in the mainstream economy.

To facilitate inclusivity, we do not have an exclusive operating service provider panel, nor do we enter into exclusivity agreements with individuals or groups. Wherever possible we will give preference to previously disadvantaged providers. All applications or offerings from service providers will be considered, provided that the service provider meets our minimum requirements about good business practices, has the necessary equipment to conduct the service that may be required, as well as a level of expertise and competencies to ensure an exceptional standard of repairs are carried out.

In addition to the above, service providers are required to agree to rates, terms, and conditions as set out by Dotsure to ensure client satisfaction and delivery of services remain in line with Dotsure’s culture, beliefs, and commitments to customers.

Should the service provider fulfil the criteria and agree thereto, their details will be made available to our customers for consideration and to Dotsure operations for work allocation.

Please note that neither an application nor an approval thereof will create a contractual obligation, promise, undertaking or act as a guarantee that work will be allocated to a service provider. It merely serves to facilitate a pre-approved opportunity should the need arise.

Minimum criteria for all service providers:
  • Proof of incorporation in case of a legal entity conducting the business e.g. corporation license and registration – CIPRO/CIPC document.
  • Details of full ownership in case of natural persons or partnerships conducting the business.
  • Current and valid BEE certificate/rating document.
  • VAT clearance certificate – qualifying corporations and individuals.
  • SARS tax clearance certificate – corporations and individuals.
  • Professional governing body membership certificate – if applicable.
  • Proof of current business insurance.
  • Proof of location in a zone duly approved for conducting the relevant business by the municipality.
  • Proof that the premises are fit for purpose and provide adequate safety and security for the particular business.
  • Proof of adequate tools and equipment to conduct the work.
  • Proof of suitably experienced, qualified and accredited staff
  • Proof of particular suitability for the specific task e.g. manufacturer’s approval and accreditation for in-warranty or specialist work offered.