We know you’re a busy guy/gal. You don’t always have time to call us for a chat about your insurance policy. That’s perfectly okay with us and we understand that you’ve got emails to check, meetings to attend, kids to pick up from school and weights to bench. Your priority lists are infinite, and time is pricey. That’s why we’ve got a brand-new Online Manage Portal to simplify your life and to make sure that your time remains YOURS!

You’re able to manage your policy online without sending emails or calling. You can choose a convenient time and place (even in your bed) to check your policy details.

You can also do things like:



  1. Change your personal details


We know that change is inevitable. People move, get married, lose their numbers and some even change their identities. The new Manage Portal allows you to update your profile picture and personal info in less than a minute.

NB – Remember to always update your details ASAP!


  1. Make policy changes


You can manage your policy details online. You can view your pet insurance policy details, change your nominated driver, add or remove standard accessories for car insurance and change your security details for household insurance. It’s super easy!


  1. Submit a claim


You can submit a claim on the new Manage Portal and upload any documents we might ask of you. You can also view the status of the claim and see your claims history.


  1. Change your banking details


If your ka-ching moved to a different bank or something, you can DIY when it comes to changing your details. It’s effortless and simple.


Click here to sign into your online manage portal profile.


Enjoy your new position as insurance manager! Should you need any assistance from your personal assistant (us), please feel free to get in touch with us. You can give us a ring at 0861 dotsure (368 7873) or pop us a mail at u2us@dotsure.co.za. We’d love to hear from you!


Go boss around!