Soon humans and bots will unite. “The first marriage will be before – not after –  2050,” says best-selling author and robot expert, Dr David Levy. Hmm… ladies, looks like your knight in shining armor might be heartless but handy. Gents, would you fancy a metal-and-microchip lover?

According to a large group of Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, robots will become an increasingly popular companion in the bedroom, warranting a system of ethics for their development and use.

In a study at the conference at Goldsmiths, University of London, researchers surveyed 263 testosterone-bursting humans between the ages of 18 and 67. Participants were shown a 2-minute video of robots that looked like replicas of the opposite sex complete with make-up, long lashes and gorgeous bods.



The male species observed and…well, drooled. Turns out that 40,3% of the lusty lovers admitted that they would buy a female robot for companionship and intimacy. According to Dr Levy, interested buyers will be able to purchase celebrity look-alike bots in the future. Buyers will be able to say, “I’ve got a sex robot that looks like Angelina Jolie and she’s fabulous in bed!” and celebs will make even more money out of the sensual robotic sensation as they receive a cut of the purchase price.

What’s the price tag?

The price of the humanoids has not been confirmed yet. They usually go for around R16k to a million depending on the advanced features. It’s pricey, but, hey, like Jessie J says, “Forget about the price tag, ain’t about (uh) ch-ch-ching ch-ching,” you’ll have Angelina (or Brad or both) between your silky sheets.

What can the droid BAE do?

In 2016 a graphic designer called Ricky Ma created a life-like replica of actress Scarlett Johansson who gives flirty winks and giggles when people tell her she’s cute. She also answers questions and moves her arms and hands around. She’s not a sex robot, she is a work of art. The mechanic beauty is worth more than R 500 000. Unfortunately, she’s not for sale, but feel free to admire her online anytime.

Watch this video and be blown away by human and artificial intelligence.



‘Kay, so humanoids are attractive and – ahem – functional. But can they really do what lovers do? Sure, they just can’t reproduce or foster true emotional bonds with people. They are, however, reliable and always on call. If you don’t feel like conversation, wooing a lover, or if you have a fear of commitment, a robot could be your soulbot. Just keep in mind, when you do need true compassion and more intimate connections, warm humans are still more widely available.


Human flesh or Droid metal? It’s up to you. Just remember robots might have cold feet, but they won’t leave you at the altar or run away with another bot AND they will definitely say, “beep, beep, I do,” on your special day.