We love it. Most people think of the Garden Route as a place they go on holiday; for us, it’s a truth, every day. It’s a small town for all seasons with some of the country’s best beaches, rivers, wetlands and forests right on its doorstep. We surf, ski, paraglide, hike, cycle and work with smiles on our faces.

dotsure.co.za forms part of one of the town’s largest employers, Badger Holdings, which consistently and effectively promotes wholesome values, hard work and high standards. dotsure.co.za is dedicated to reinventing processes in an established industry that is yet to fully embrace the digital age. Our modus operandi is to disrupt, and our tailored, intelligent and customer-centric approach is changing the game by putting consumers first:


  • We were one of the first South African companies to offer insurance purchase and policy management entirely online.
  • We were the first to let you Name Your Price, South Africa, and it’s now our trademarkWoohoo!.
  • We offer the most competitive and comprehensive pet insurance packages in the country.
  • We hold a world record in fun stuff you can do with furry friends.
  • We are constantly making online insurance easier and simpler. And better.
  • We make a point of earning our fans.


As a result, we’re growing fast and looking for new talent to join the dream team. We aspire to be a tech giant, to go global and help humans (and their dependents) all over the world with efficient and effortless financial solutions. We also believe that giving back is part of going forward, and incorporate community support into our business structure.


What does family feel like? We asked the brothers and sisters of dotsure.co.za.

The best thing for Ray Ray is that “you can express your individuality.”

“Here, being ‘different’ is encouraged and not frowned upon,” Nikiwe agrees. She also admires her colleagues’ “constant support in reaching our individual targets and therefore our team target.”

“Everyone is so talented in their own way,” Amore continues, “and brings their own spice and flavour to the office. Everyone likes working hard – no flakes. Everyone has a ‘personality’ – never a dull moment.”
“Everyone here is themselves,” Anastachia affirms.
Nikki noodles in again. “Best part for me being part of the dotsure.co.za family is the constant motivation and help I get from my teammates.”
“We truly believe in ‘work hard, play hard’,” Robyn reveals. “We are always very honest with each other. We always have each other’s’ backs, no matter what.”
We are “passionate, genuine, lively,” adds Ru, pithily.
Heather sums it up. Life at dotsure.co.za is a celebration of “characters, banter and passion for the brand.” Also, #welikebraai


Are you special and different and brilliant?