Owning a car isn’t cheap. From monthly payments to fuel expenses to ongoing maintenance, you can expect to spend quite a few rands to keep your baby in good condition.

However, some cars can be way more cost-effective than others – and we’re not just talking initial payment. When you factor in the costs of replacement parts, not all cars are created equally. Choosing a vehicle with more affordable parts can end up saving you big bucks, while some of them might end up costing more than you bargained for.

The 2020 AA-Kinsey Report, a survey which details costing for parts on various popular vehicles sold in South Africa across nine categories, has grouped car parts in three areas – service (spark plugs, oil filters, brake pads); repair parts (cam belt, shocks, clutch plate, fan belt) and crash parts (fenders, doors, bonnets, rims, light clusters). Here are some of the cars which according to the report have the best-priced parts:

City cars

If you’re regularly zipping through traffic in the big city in one of these, you can rest assured that you’re getting bang for your buck.

The Renault Kwid won this category with a total basket price of R62,990, followed by the Ford Figo at R63,866, and the Hyundai Atos coming in third at R66,189. The Ford Figo is particularly well-priced when it comes to repair parts, with this category costing R6,187.

Family cars

Bigger, more reliable… but less expensive!

The Toyota Quest is the family favourite this year, with a total parts basket cost of R85,031 – though it has risen in price since it won this category in 2019. Up next is the Nissan Almera (R86,488), while Toyota’s Corolla hatch is third with a total of R131,294.

Compact cars

These top-class compact cars are easy on the eye, and easy on the wallet.

The Mahindra KUV 100 is the winner at a price of R81,776. Second is the Haval H2 with its parts amounting to R93,860, while French favourite Citroen C3 Aircross comes third with a parts basket total of R102,249.

Double cab bakkies

You just can’t beat a bakkie. Especially not at these prices!

The Ford Ranger XLT takes top spot here with a basket price of R79,796, followed by the GWM Steed 6, at R86,105. Third place goes to the robust classic Toyota Hilux at R90,189.

Executive crossovers

Although pricey in general, car lovers will be pleased to know that these manufacturers offer good value in the long run.

The Volvo XC 60 takes the lead at an overall price of R242,070. In second is the Audi Q5 with an overall parts basket cost of R251,288, and third the Mercedes GLE at R328,211.

So, there you have it. In Kinsey’s own words: “Motoring has become more expensive, certainly from a parts perspective, and the results for 2020 show that. Although there may be similar alternative parts from non-franchise outlets – the durability of which cannot be vouched for – prices for original equipment are rising.”

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