It’s no secret, we love tech! At we promote safe driving and the use of advanced technology. That’s why we have a Smart Driver Programme which measures driving behaviour through a telematics device known as the Smart-Box.




Telematics! It’s the technology used in the Smart-Box which allows us to monitor a car’s driving patterns. We monitor things like movement, location and behaviour. This is done through a combination of a GPS receiver and an electronic device installed in your car, which communicates data to our software.


The Benefits




Through our Smart Driver Programme, you will be encouraged to constantly improve driving behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while driving.




Our Smart-Box triggers Proactive Emergency Assistance.
In the event of an accident, your Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so that we can proactively assist you with emergency and towing services*.




Data from the Smart-Box allows us to offer you accurate premiums based on your driving behaviour. If you’re a smart driver you could also receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour*!

The Smart-Box monitors your driving behaviour according to 7 key measurements. We calculate your score for each trip you complete in your car (the maximum score is 100%), which is then tallied up to give you your Smart Driver score.


Here are the 7 key measurements:

  • Distance travelled
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Speed
  • Time of day
  • Cornering
  • Swerving


How we work out your bonus


At the end of the month, your final score is compared to the scores of your follow smart drivers.

The top 100 drivers on the leader board will receive 25% of their monthly premiums back in cash, while the second 100 receive 15% of their premiums back in cash*. Score!


*Risk profile dependent.


Remember that you can access your Smart Driver, and telematics info by logging in to your Manage Portal. Register today.


*Ts & Cs apply.