It’s World Rhino Day! Today we celebrate one of Africa’s most majestic animals and raise awareness about the brutal massacre of these limited-edition giants. African rhinos have been poached at the shocking rate of three a day and it’s only getting worse. Thousands of innocent rhinos have endured attacks with terrifying endings.


Poachers are everywhere these days. Luckily some pay for their brutal behaviour. According to News 24 a police constable from Mpumalanga and six other suspects (some former police officers) were arrested on the 18th of September for allegedly being behind the “massive trafficking” of rhino horn poaching. Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said that during the swoop members found and confiscated luxury vehicles and motorbikes, trucks, an undisclosed amount of money, animal skins, properties, lots of suspected stolen items which include amongst others; trailers, generators and various electronic equipment.


3 Agendas behind rhino poaching


Rhinos are slaughtered for the following reasons:


  1. Money Monsters

You could have guessed it! The reason behind every cruel act is usually money. Money makes monsters out of people.  A Rhino horn is similar to the street price of cocaine in the UK. There have been reports of prices as high as US$ 50 000 for a KG of rhino horn. That’s insane!


  1. Sexual Satisfaction

There is a belief in Western countries that rhino horn is used as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. This however is far from the truth and has been misinterpreted by the Western media. To be honest, it does NOTHING for your intimate encounters.


  1. Traditional Medicine

There has been a recent surge in demand for rhino horn in Vietnam, where it is being advertised as a hangover cure and treatment for terminal illnesses plus many more uses.


Some shocking stats about Rhino poaching:


Will our next World Rhino Day be a Memorial Day?

If we don’t stand up for our rhinos, this time next year we might only see rhinos in pictures. Luckily, the International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) is hard at work to protect Africa’s iconic animals. ICORP is an awesome non-profit organization who is currently establishing a Counter-Poaching Unit at the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa to stand between wildlife and the criminal poaching gangs. The organization consists of a group of people who risk their lives to patrol and protect rhinos, elephants and big cats from poachers. ICORP is also dedicated to law enforcement, research, education and the training of service dogs to help track rhino slaughters down.


How can I help? 



You can volunteer at ICORP. Find the details by clicking here: VOLUNTEER


Donate and make your contribution towards the training of dogs for tracking down poachers.

Click here: DONATE


“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” ―Albert Einstein