are passionate about the well-being of all animals. So, it comes as no surprise that when we came across The WOOF Project, a dynamic initiative of Oscars Arc, we jumped straight in with our tails wagging in excitement to make a difference to the lives of abandoned animals. We had good reason too as Oscars Arc have homed 1552 dogs in 93 weeks of operation and 260 dogs since we joined forces with them on 1 December 2018. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work.


How is assisting?


We’re helping the adorable pups out with medical care in the form of accidental cover for the first 30 days after adoption. We believe that the abandoned doggies deserve the same care we would afford ourselves.

“New adopters leave feeling excited about the cover offered by as it means one less thing to worry about when taking home a new dog. The streamlined process of contacting them means less hassle to get their dog insured.” says Ashleigh Marais, a representative of Oscars Arc.


What’s the WOOF project?


The Woof Project is a dynamic initiative of Oscars Arc – a registered NPO born to inspire dog adoption and save dogs’ lives. It is named in honour of Oscar, an adopted dog . Oscar became the only dog to ever travel around the world, visiting 42 countries across 5 continents in order to promote and inspire dog adoption. Paw-some, right?


How can you get involved in the WOOF Project?







WOOF Project offers a choice of three enriching volunteer opportunities like HANDS ON, HOME CHECKER and FOSTER HERO.

Simply complete the applicable application form(s) available at




Donate to the Oscars Arc Trust to support the dogs in the NPO’s care. Find their banking details here: Oscars Arc Trust




You can be the proud parent of an adorable pup by applying for adoption. Simply visit and follow the 4 easy steps.


“Together we can home them ALL”- Oscars Arc