Laying a Solid Foundation for Your Business

In the construction industry, unexpected setbacks can lead to significant financial losses.’s Contractors All Risk insurance is designed to safeguard your business against such uncertainties, ensuring that you can complete your projects with peace of mind.


Comprehensive Coverage for Construction Projects

Contractors All Risk insurance provides robust coverage tailored specifically for the construction industry. This insurance ensures that your hard work is protected against various risks.


Features and Benefits

  • Construction Project Coverage:

Covers all related construction activities, including buildings, supply, and installation projects.

  • Public Liability Cover:

Includes public liability coverage for accidental death, bodily injury, or property damage, protecting you against potential legal claims and financial liabilities.

  • Debris Removal:

Covers debris removal and clearance up to 10% of the contract value (up to R250,000), helping you manage the cleanup process efficiently after an incident.

  • Off-site Storage:

Covers off-site storage up to 15% of the contract value (up to R250,000), ensuring that materials stored away from the construction site are also protected.

  • SASRIA Cover:

Offers protection against damage or loss due to riots, strikes, and public disorder, providing an additional layer of security in volatile situations.

  • Theft Protection

Safeguards your construction site against theft and loss, ensuring that valuable materials are covered.


Tailored Policies for Contractors and Homeowners

For Contractors:

  • Single Project Cover

A once-off fee to cover a project for up to 6 months, with an option for a 3-month extension.

  • Multiple Projects Cover

An annual policy with a monthly premium covering multiple projects within 12 months, with the possibility of a 12-month extension.

For Homeowners:

  • Upfront Payment

A one-time fee to cover new buildings or renovations.

  • Inclusive Cost

Insurance cost included in the contractor’s overall fees, providing a seamless insurance experience.


Value-Added Services offers added benefits that make managing your insurance simpler and more efficient.

  • Dedicated Engineering Specialist:

From getting a quote to filing a claim, you have access to a dedicated specialist, ensuring personalised and expert assistance throughout your policy period.

  • Personalised Needs Analysis:

A free individual needs audit to determine the exact level of protection required, tailored to your specific circumstances and projects.

  • Flexible Pricing Options:

Up to three pricing and excess options to suit your needs and budget, providing flexibility and financial control.

  • Substantial Extensions:

Up to R3 million in extensions, covering a range of incidents including theft, transit, debris removal, and other damages, which adds significant value to your policy.


Contractors All Risk insurance provides comprehensive protection for your construction projects, helping you mitigate risks and focus on building your business. Get a quote today and lay the foundation for a secure future.