Simple Car Care Tips for Your Vehicle Valentine


The month of love is the perfect time to extend some affection to an often-neglected companion: your car. If the inside of your vehicle is starting to resemble a garbage bin, filled with empty bottles, takeout bags, and forgotten receipts, it's high time to show your car's interior some tender loving care.


Declutter and Reorganise

Begin by removing valuables and personal items, making sure not to accidentally toss out anything important. Clean the interior while parked in your driveway for easy waste disposal. Wear gloves as you’re cleaning, to ensure no unpleasant surprises.

To prevent items from tumbling around, invest in a non-slip rubber mat for your boot or use a plastic crate to keep your belongings in order. Additionally, keep a plastic sheet handy for transporting plants or messy items, ensuring your car remains clean and clutter-free.


Squeaky Clean

Remove all floor mats, shake off loose dirt, and wash or vacuum them. Vacuum every nook and cranny inside the car, as well as the boot.

Use a damp non-static cloth to wipe down surfaces prone to gathering dirt, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever, and door panels. Tackle hard-to-reach areas using a cloth-wrapped flat-head screwdriver or an old toothbrush. Apply interior trim for added protection and shine.


Clearing the View

Finger marks and doggy nose prints can accumulate on your interior windows over time. Use an ammonia-free window cleaner on a microfiber cloth. Clean horizontally and vertically to eliminate streaks. Address any windshield chips as soon as possible, as they pose a safety risk.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Install or spray an air freshener to add the final touches. Consider specialised odour killers for persistent smells. Apply baking soda to stubborn stains for both removal and odour elimination.


Dress to Impress

Gift your car some new accessories to enhance its style and functionality. Consider getting a set of seat covers, a steering wheel cover, or even new floor mats. These additions not only freshen up the interior, but also protect your car from wear and tear.


With South Africans spending significant hours in traffic each year, cars become a second home. This Valentine's Day, invest some time and effort to give your car the love it deserves – along with the right car insurance, of course. 😉