Ever wonder if your neighbour’s ‘purrculiar’ looking kitty might just in fact be a rare purebred feline nothing short of whiskery royalty? Catch a glimpse of this VIP (Very Important Purr) list in this blog.

Although we love classic black cats, gingers and tabbies, we couldn’t resist sharing a few rare and royal cat breeds with you. Would you pay R10,000 or more for one of these majestic felines? Read on to find out why they are worth every cent!


  1. Marvellous Munchkins


Munchkins are the Dachshunds of the cat world. They can be taught to play fetch and to obey your voice commands just like their canine counterparts. They are named after the 'little people' in The Wizard of Oz due to their short legs and vibrant personalities.

Munchkin cats are the life of the ‘pawrty’ as they love to socialize. They are very intelligent and enjoy the attention of friendly humans.

Although their short legs can run astonishingly fast, they are prone to bone and spinal health issues. “As with all cats, Munchkins need vaccinations, parasite control and annual veterinary health checks”, states Purina.

A purebred Munchkin kitten from a registered breeder can cost more than R3,000, because they are such a unique cat breed.

Find the world’s cutest Munchkin cat who has more than 450,000 followers here.


     2. Lovely Lykois


Lykois, also known as Werewolf cats, are often thought of as looking ill or feral, but the odd bold patches on their coats are just their genetic makeup, according to Cape Town ect.

In 2016, TEARS Animal Rescue, found South Africa’s first recorded Lykoi cat under a bush outside the Company’s Garden restaurant in Cape Town. Staff observed the strange feline and found that he had more dog-like qualities. “Lykois do act like dogs as they will fetch, hunt, and hound in the wild, just like a dog would do,” says Dogalize. They are also very protective of their family and a little territorial when it comes to sharing toys and treats.

Lykois are easy to care for thanks to their short coats and they make great companions for cat lovers. They might have to be groomed once a week, though, and as they grow older, they tend to shed a lot, but luckily their hair grows back again.

A purebred Lykoi kitten from a registered breeder costs around R15,000, while an adult cat can cost up to R72,000 because they are so rare. (Gasp!)

Find adorable pics of SA’s first recorded Lykoi here


     3. Snuggly Singapuras


The Singapura is originally from Singapore and is known as the world’s smallest pedigree cat. This rare cat breed weighs only about 2,5 kilograms. But don’t let their petite structure fool you. "It's a powerful, assertive cat with a lot of personality," Iris Tanner, a cat judge for Cat Fanciers' Association, told Animal Planet. "Don't just think of it as the little cat."

“They want to be in the middle of the action and will be right by your side, for instance, while you do chores—ready to play if you thrust a duster in their direction,” Hill’s explains on their website. Although Singapuras love action, they don’t like loud noises. So, don’t creep up on them with a vacuum cleaner as they won’t appreciate the rumble.

Unfortunately, Singapuras are often unable to birth kittens because of weak muscles, a health condition called uterine inertia. That means kittens are mostly delivered by caesarean section.

A purebred Singapura kitten from a registered breeder can cost about R10,000.


     4. Lavish LaPerms


Imagine a cat with a bad hair day for life and you have a pretty good picture of the LaPerm breed. Although they might look like they’ve just woken up from a very long nap, they’ve got the best furry coats for cuddling. Surprisingly, those curly coats never mat and never need grooming.

The LaPerm breed’s signature trait is personality. “This breed is mischievous and provides endless entertainment and the deepest love and loyalty,” says Grant Leih. These furry fellows are talented and very intelligent. They will easily reach out a paw for attention, give you a tap on your shoulder, or try to use their paws to grab a tasty treat from your plate.

LaPerms are easy-going and great with children. In general, the breed’s not prone to specific health problems.

A purebred LaPerm kitten from a registered breeder can cost in the region of R15,000.


     5. Magical Maine Coons


Compared to most other cat breeds, the personality of the Maine Coon is truly unique. They are sweet-tempered, very gentle and incredibly affectionate. They love their human companions to bits and get along well with most other pets as well.

Maine Coon cats are special felines, not only because of their extra fluff, but also because they can sense your mood and cheer you up with their playful nature and cosy cuddles. They are highly intelligent and very friendly. Maine Coons will jump at every opportunity for your attention and unlike most other cat breeds, they might even join you for a swim as they are known for being enthusiastic swimmers.

Maine Coons are attention seekers. They enjoy the company of their human parents and yearn for love. Don’t adopt a Main Coon if you don’t have time for bonding or taking care of their personal needs. They’ll only resent you for the neglect by getting grumpy, maybe even leave you with a nasty scar.

A purebred Maine Coon from a registered breeder can cost R7,500 or more.


Meet Alex, a majestic Maine Coon and elite dotsure.co.za family member!

Alex is a big, playful feline that weighed over 5kg when she was just over 8 months old. She’s a very spoiled kitty and the only fur-baby in the family. She enjoys cuddling and spending time with her two favourite humans.


When she was just a little kitten to now, as a gorgeous fully grown furball.



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