What to Expect When a Yorkie Joins Your Family

Beneath the glamorous façade of a Yorkshire Terrier lies the heart of a spirited and tenacious little dog. Yorkies, as they're affectionately known, have a rich history as rat catchers in the depths of English mills before becoming beloved companions. Despite their small size, they're brimming with confidence and a hint of bossiness, embodying the classic traits of terriers.


History of Yorkies

The story of Yorkshire Terriers traces back to the bustling cotton mills of Yorkshire, England, where weavers sought a solution to their rodent problem in the mid-19th century. Out of this need arose the Yorkie, a small yet determined breed with a knack for hunting vermin. Over time, they transitioned from working-class heroes to fashionable companions, capturing hearts on both sides of the Atlantic, including the White House.


Yorkie Care

Caring for a Yorkie involves more than just cuddles. These spirited pups thrive on early training and socialisation to keep their big personalities in check. Regular grooming is also a must to keep their signature coat looking its best.

  • Exercise:

Yorkies are active little dogs who need daily walks and playtime to stay happy. Just be cautious during outdoor adventures to keep them safe from predatory birds that might swoop in.

  • Grooming:

With their luxurious, low-shedding coats, Yorkies need regular brushing and baths to prevent tangles and matting. Whether you opt for a short or long coat, a little grooming TLC can go a long way.

  • Training:

Yorkies are smart but can be a tad stubborn. Positive reinforcement and early training are essential to keeping them well-behaved. Remember to be patient, especially during potty training.

  • Health:

While generally healthy, Yorkies can be prone to certain issues such as patellar luxation and dental problems. Regular vet check-ups and good dental care are essential for their well-being.

  • Nutrition:

Feeding your Yorkie a high-quality diet tailored to small breeds ensures that they get the nutrients they need. Don’t forget to watch those treat portions and keep the water bowl filled!


Yorkshire Terriers may be small, but they pack a whole lot of personality into those tiny frames. If you provide them with enough love and care, you'll be rewarded with years of laughter, cuddles, and unwavering loyalty from your pint-sized pal.