At we are always looking for ways to add value! That’s why we’ve got some amazing Super Shortcuts benefits to make your journey on the road more enjoyable.  We’ve got your back with emergency, road protect and lifestyle benefits.

Although our Super Shortcuts benefits are already top of the range, we’ve increased a few cover limits and made some more changes to will help you and your 4-wheeled baby in times of need.


The following cover limits have increased:


Roadside Emergency Benefits:


Car hire assistance (in the event of a breakdown):

We have doubled the cover limit. Now, if your vehicle has broken down and you need to rent a car, we’ll help you out by paying up to R1,000 incl. VAT towards your car hire.

Note: (Group A or B) for 24 hours only. A maximum limit of up to R1000 incl. VAT will be paid towards

the invoice for rental charges, delivery and collection of the hire car, and the first tank of fuel. You will be required to provide a credit card or debit card, whichever is required by the supplier of the rental vehicle, in order to secure the deposit (you must have a limit of at least R3,000 available on the card).The service includes the costs of the daily car rental, unlimited kilometre allowance, insurance fees and the delivery or collection charges of the car to a maximum of 25km respectively. The cost of additional fuel will be for your account.



Hotel accommodation (in the event of a breakdown):

We’ve doubled this benefit, too! Before, if you hit a bump in the road and needed to book into a hotel for a night, you would’ve only received a R500 refund. Now, you’ll receive a R1,000 reimbursement.


Note: Hotel accommodation for 1 night only.

This benefit excludes the cost of any meals, drinks or additional costs associated with the

overnight stay. A maximum limit of up to R1,000 incl VAT will be refunded towards the invoice.



** Please note that in the event of a breakdown, you can either opt for the car hire assistance OR the Hotel accommodation (for 1 night only), and not both.


Return of your vehicle (in the event of a breakdown)::

You guessed it. This benefit has also doubled.  If you need to travel to collect your car, you will receive a reimbursement of up to R1,000.

Note: A maximum limit of up to R1,000 excl. VAT will be paid towards 24 hour Group A or B car

rental, a bus ticket or a flight ticket to enable you to collect your car from the approved dealer

to which it was towed. Alternatively, a maximum limit of R1000 (excl VAT) will be paid towards

the invoice of returning your car to your home or a place of your choosing, whichever is closer.

We reserve the right to elect the most appropriate method from the above.



Fuel assistance:

You now get twice as much fuel! Fuel assistance limits have increased from 5 to 10 litres. This service is limited to 3 incidents per year. You call us and we’ll send someone to help. We’ll pay for the call out fee PLUS your first 10 litres of petrol. The rest will be for our own account.



Other changes:


Medical transportation

Airlifts are no longer limited to R50 000 per year but rather one flight per year.


Inter-facility Transportation

If you need to be moved from your current treatment facility to another for further medical treatment and continuity of care, we will provide one transportation per event by air or ambulance (at our election, after liaising with your treating medical practitioners).


Remember that the above Super Shortcuts including all the other Super Shortcuts benefits are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Every car policyholder has access to these awesome benefits. To access your great benefits, call us on 0861 dotsure (3687873) or email us at