Earlier this year, two fishermen, filmed and carried out a brutal attack on an innocent seal! Why, you may ask? We ask the same question. What human, whether you love animals or not, would commit such a heinous crime…because it is a crime!


Did you know?


Seals are naturally curious, they have super expressive eyes and are highly intelligent animals. Just like us, they are mammals and give birth to their young. On average, a seals livespan ranges from 15 – 40 years. They are highly sociable and live in large groups called colonies.

They have several natural predators including sharks, orcas and polar bears, but the biggest threat to seals, humans. They have been commercially hunted for their pelts, meat and blubber for years and we’re not even talking about other unthinkable things we threaten their lives with like oil spills and apparently now we can add to this long list – assault and battery!

Below, the recorded video of the assault. Please note – not for sensitive viewers. Contains graphic scenes and harsh language.



“We need to be the voice for all animals, great or small, whether they live in our homes or the ocean,” says David Roache, MD of dotsure.co.za. “Cruelty against any animal should not be tolerated!”.


How can you help?

You can help by speaking up and making people aware of brutalities like this and many others that go unnoticed and unheard. Sharing is caring and together we can make a difference and shed light on these heinous crimes against innocent animals and bring those responsible to justice.

Reporting Animal Cruelty to the AACL is easy! Just click here: Report Animal Cruelty


“Monsters aren’t real BUT humans are” – The Monsters Among Us