We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! dotsure.co.za now provides cover for your older pooches and kitties. We disrupt the insurance industry once again by being the first pet insurer in South Africa to provide cover for our domesticated “silver foxes”*.

Your golden fur-balls (above 12-years of age) can now be protected against accidental injuries that can lead to expensive vet bills. As it stands at the moment, dotsure.co.za has the highest standard plan entry ages and is the first insurer in South Africa to provide cover for senior pets!*

We believe that every pet is special, and that age is just a number. If Sandy slips on the soda you’ve messed on the staircase and breaks a leg, we’ll be there to catch her with great cover. If Biscuit swallows a sharp bone, we’ll be the shield which guards him.


What’s covered?


Accidental Injury

We provide cover for the veterinary expenses sustained from accidental injury. The amount of cover is calculated by the premium payed by the pet owner.


Third Party Liability


You are covered (subject to the limits stated in your schedule) for amounts you may become legally liable to pay for:

  • Loss of or damage to property
  • Death or injury to any person; caused by your insured pet.

This basically means that we’ve got your back if your doggo or kitty gets in a vicious fight with your neighbours and someone suffers from injuries.

Remember: You get a 15% discount* if you add a second pet to your policy.


Get a quick online quote now or call us at 0861 dotsure (3687873) to make sure that your best golden bud stays with you for even longer.