Snap, giggle & WIN!



WTFurry-face is a beardie? Uhm…it’s basically a fusion of human and pet PAW-fection. All you need is a cute canine or cat, a smartphone and a little patience to capture a selfie with your pet. Not just any selfie though, it must be one where you tickle your furkids’ chin, she looks at you starry-eyed and your noses touch. Put the camera close to your belly to get the best angle. The reverse camera helps here! Then hit the shutter button. The outcome? A beautiful beardie to hang on your Facebook wall AND a chance to win a FIT P2 pet health monitor from PETKIT worth around R1200.


Bearding instructions:

1. Fetch your DOG /KITTY* and a smartphone.

2. Position your mobile near your belly button (you’ll see).

3. Tickle your pet’s chin. Let him look up at you with his nose touching yours.

4. Snap, snap, snap!

5. Choose the best shot and enter our competition.




How to enter:

1. Snap a beardie.

2. Click on this link.

3. Enter your details.

4. Add your beardie.

5. Follow #dotsurebearding to see other entries.

6. Check our Facebook page after 25 March to see if you’re a winner!


We’ll be publishing the results in a dedicated Facebook photo album for everyone to enjoy.

What’s a FIT P2?

It’s a small device you attach to your dog or cat’s collar. It’s basically a health monitor for canines and kitties. The device helps to keep your dog fit and fab. It monitors kitty’s distance traveled, calories burned, quality of sleep and your furball’s overall health condition.
Find out more about the FIT P2.


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