YOLO, Polo!


We love the Volkswagen Polo, right? It’s sexy and drives like a dream on the open road. It’s no surprise that the Polo is one of South Africa’s best-selling vehicles. In 2017, more than 20 000 brand-new Polos were bought. The 2018 numbers are blowing up due to the facelift, interior options and new engine sizes. It’s no longer just a car, it’s a lifestyle and the image of perfection.


Uh oh…

Although it’s got the looks, there is a glitch in the 2018 model’s safety features. The new Polo’s rear left seatbelt has a technical problem. In some situations, for example during a fast lane change test (with five passengers inside the roadster), two seatbelt buckles can press against one another, causing the lock of the outer left seat to pop open by accident. This puts the left passenger in dire danger as they will be travelling without a seatbelt if it unclips.

As a result of the faulty seatbelts, Volkswagen has announced an international recall on over 220 000 new 2018 model Polos. SEAT Ibiza and Arona, are also affected by the defective seatbelts and new models of these vehicles will also be recalled.


…there’s a solution waiting for you.

“At Volkswagen, safety remains a main priority,” says Volkswagen, Germany. “The brand has identified a technical solution: a redesigned belt-lock fixture which will prevent this from happening.” Customers will receive a letter advising them to make an appointment with a Volkswagen service partner. The check, as well as the implementation of the redesigned belt-lock fixture, will be free of charge.

Not sure if your new Polo is affected? Please contact Volkswagen South Africa.

Back on the road

Don’t worry, you’ll be safe once your baby’s belts are fixed. Remember, nobody’s (car) is perfect. Face the flaws and keep your Polo in tip-top shape.



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